Your Destination Guide to Maui

Destination Guide Maui - Your Destination Guide to Maui, HI

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Maui Features
Maui Features

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From island drives and resorts to history and culture, this section has the lowdown on Maui. If you're looking for a cheap place to rest your head, or the best adventures the island has to offer, read on. If you want to learn about Hawaiian farming or how Maui got its name, we've got you covered. Here's your behind-the-scenes of this lovely tropical island.

Maui -

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  • Wind chimes tinkle through the crisp Upcountry air. Fountains trickle among the hydrangeas, proteas, and birds of paradise blooming in the gardens. Buddha statues, sculptures, and white picket fences contribute elements of art and grace to the delicately arranged spaces.
Best Drives on Maui
  • Best Drives on Maui
  • Many people know Maui for its surf and sun, both found in great abundance in the middle of the Pacific. But it would be a shame to park yourself at a beach and never explore the wide variety of terrain the island has to offer.
Legends of Maui
  • Legends of Maui
  • To the ancient Hawaiians, legends were a way to pass history, knowledge and beliefs from one generation to another.
Maui's Most Photogenic Spots
  • Maui's Most Photogenic Spots
  • Half the fun of visiting Maui is bringing home amazing photographs to share with all your jealous friends and family. Sunsets, waterfalls, and waves abound, and Maui's landscapes will make you look like a professional if you know where to go.
The Gardens of Maui
  • The Gardens of Maui
  • Maui's gardens possess a beauty akin to nothing else this world offers. Fields of violet, crimson and gold flora look out over a bright and vast pacific. Tropical treetops surrounded by mountain mist sit bordered by Haleakala volcano and the central Maui Mountains.
Top 10 Adventures
  • Top 10 Adventures
  • Most come to Maui in search of coconut shells filled with frozen pina coladas and tans unattainable to their cubicle-habitating co-workers. Others come in search of something a bit more invigorating, giving up beach blankets and cabana boys for ventures of a more hazardous nature.
Top 10 Affordable Digs
  • Top 10 Affordable Digs
  • Do you dream of a vacation in Maui? Do visions of five-star resorts, cabana boys, and fruity umbrella drinks by the pool keep you from completing everyday activities? Do you open your wallet to find...
Top 10 Resorts
  • Top 10 Resorts
  • From tranquil coves to expansive white-sand beaches, Maui's resorts offer something for all island hoppers.

Maui - Categories

Best of Maui
  • Best of Maui
  • From the 10,000 ft summit of Haleakala down to the world renowned beaches and surf breaks, Maui offers a tropical paradise. Outdoor lovers can delve deep into verdant valleys teeming with wildlife and waterfalls, while sun-seekers can bathe on any number of the island's sandy beaches.
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Free on Maui
  • Free on Maui
  • The plane ticket across the Pacific might have been all your wallet could afford. Lucky for you, Maui has many great activities that don't cost a thing. Take in a bit of culture at a museum or cultural center.
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