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Old Lahaina Lu'au

Old Lahaina Lu'au
Old Lahaina Lu'au

Looking for a dose of real Hawaiian culture during your visit to the Valley Island? Look no further than the Old Lahaina Lu'au. Located in Lahaina next to the historic Mala Wharf, the Old Lahaina Lu'au combines a picturesque sunset with a beautiful retelling of Hawaiian history through story, song, and dance.

Upon arrival, you find yourself on a magnificent ocean-front property. A few palm trees are all that stand between you and a Maui sunset. The smiling staff members, decked out in traditional Hawaiian clothing, escort guests to their assigned seats. A team of enthusiastic servers takes over the experience from there, doing everything from fetching drinks from the bar (go slow, as the drinks tend to be stronger than they seem) to taking pictures of couples with the reds, blues, and greens of sunset in the background.

The evening meal is a smorgasbord of authentic Hawaiian food, including an entire pig roasted in a traditional Hawaiian underground oven, called an Imu. Before the meal, if you are quick, you'll be able to watch as the pork you are about to eat is pulled from the ground. No island bonanza would be complete without a dollop of fresh seafood and a tantalizing selection of fresh island fruit.

Once you've had your fill of food, sit back and enjoy the rest of the show as you trace the rich history of Hawai'i from its humble Polynesian beginnings to present day. Get caught up in the ancient myths and stories, the poetic beauty of the songs, and the rhythmic gyrations of the graceful hula dancers. Because of its superior service, the delicious mix of local and traditional cuisine, and the accurate portrayal of Hawaiian culture, many consider the Old Lahaina Lu'au the best on Maui.

Attraction Information

  • Hours:
  • Seven nights a week
  • Schedule may vary. Please call for availability.
  • April 1st through September 30th: Meet at 5:45pm. Lu'au ends at 8:45pm
  • October 1st through March 31st: Meet at 5:15 pm. Lu'au ends at 8:15 pm.
  • Admission:
  • Regular Ticket: $95.83
  • Children Ticket: $64.58
  • (Children ages are 12 and under. Infants not occupying a seat, no charge)
  • Contact:
  • Location: 1287 Front Street Lahaina, Maui, HI
  • Reservations: 808-667-1998
  • Administration: 808-667-2998
  • Toll Free: 800-248-5828
  • Website:


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