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Kaupo Store

Kaupo Store
Kaupo Store

© Erik Ogan

Situated near mile marker 35 on the back road to Hana (Pi'ilani Highway - Highway 31), the Kaupo Store is the only place to grab a snack or drink and stretch your legs on the long drive around the leeward side of Haleakala. Hikers finishing an overnight in the Haleakala Crater often relax here as they wait for a friend to pick them up, and there is always someone behind the counter willing to answer questions and talk about life on the quiet side of Maui. You could do a lot worse than spend a half hour of your day sitting with your legs propped up on the front porch, sipping a soda, "talking story" (the Hawaiian pidgin phrase for lazily talking about nothing important), and watching the world slowly go by.


The Kaupo Store sells chips, sodas, ice cream, and sweets, and houses an eclectic assortment of old photos, antiques, and trinkets. A restroom is available in the back. Hours are unpredictable. If the doors are open when you drive by, stop in and say hi.

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