Your Destination Guide to New York City

Destination Guide NYC - Your Destination Guide to New York, NY

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There may not be enough hours in the day for everything on your to-do list, but luckily the city that never sleeps can help make that to-do list pretty darn fun (and about as tall as its skyscrapers.) Whether it's date night with your sweetheart, a Saturday sports afternoon with the kids, or saying "Good Morning America" with the crew down at ABC's Times Square studios, you'll be on your toes. And though you might hear a lot of words being hollered on the streets of New York, "boredom" sure isn't one of them.

New York City Activities

Cultural Activities
Family Activities
  • Family Activities
  • Traveling with the family? Family members of any age will find plenty of entertainment among the city's endless attractions and activities. In the warm months, visit NYC's parks, zoos, and botanical gardens, and you can even take a cruise around the island of Manhattan.
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Live TV Tapings
  • Recreation
  • If you thought being active in the Apple just meant hopping from the A train to the C train before the doors slid shut, think again. These days the city is more than a melting pot of ethnicities—sports and pastimes from all over the world have found their niche and call New York home.
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  • Sightseeing
  • If you've ever stood before a large Gothic cathedral with white marble spires or a massive concrete and brick building with over 100 floors and felt completely awed by the view, don't miss...
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  • Tours
  • Ran through your personal itinerary sooner than you expected? There are a number of pre planned tours and activities in and around New York City for just about everything, including air, helicopter,...
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