Your Destination Guide to New York City

Destination Guide NYC - Your Destination Guide to New York, NY

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Whether it's Times Square or the twisting streets of Greenwich Village, New York has no shortage of neighborhoods to get lost in. Head down to the Financial Center to watch Wall Street's sharpest brokers, up to the Theater District to catch a Broadway show, or simply settle in with a bowl of pasta in Little Italy. Each of New York's neighborhoods comes equipped with its own unique flavors, fashions, and food, so if you don't like what you see, just keep walking. You're bound to find your slice of the Apple.

New York City | Areas

  • Chelsea
  • Lively cultural expression against the backdrop of old world factories and trendy boutiques defines the experience of exploring Chelsea.
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  • Chinatown
  • Home to endless markets, groceries, bakeries, street vendors, and emporiums, as well as more than 200 restaurants featuring cuisine from across China, Vietnam, and Malaysia, Chinatown offers a break from mainstream Manhattan with a little seediness and a lot of character.
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East Village
  • East Village
  • Attention JCrew shoppers – hop back on the subway and head north. Raggedly bordered by Houston and 14th Streets, 2nd Avenue and the East River, the East Village is Manhattan's host to the...
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Financial District
  • Financial District
  • In the South of Manhattan, the word on the street is Wall Street. Headquarters to many major financial institutions including the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the Financial District is always bustling with business men and women as well as tourists.
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Flatiron District
  • Flatiron District
  • The iconic, triangular Flatiron Building slices through New York streets as if clearing the way for the Flatiron district. Between 14th to 18th Street and Sixth Avenue to Irving Place, Flatiron is a small neighborhood with a far-reaching reputation.
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  • Gramercy
  • Nestled between bustling areas like Union Square and Murray Hill, this residential neighborhood sets itself apart as a safer, quieter part of town.
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Greenwich Village
  • Greenwich Village
  • Charles Street. Perry Street. Jane Street. Greenwich Village is full of street names like these, often confusing tourists due to the lack of numerical grid structure present in most areas of Manhattan.
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  • Harlem
  • If Manhattan is a theme park, Harlem is its roller coaster. This northern neighborhood has experienced violently low spirals and passionately achieved upswings throughout its rich history. On the north, Harlem ends where Washington Heights begins at 153rd Street.
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Little Italy
  • Little Italy
  • Nestled between the ever-crowded Chinatown and SoHo Distract, Little Italy offers a quieter — yet far from dull— break from fast-paced New York City life.
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Lower East Side
  • Lower East Side
  • As one of New York's oldest neighborhoods, the Lower East Side has experienced several dramatic transformations over the years. The Lower East Side was originally densely populated by immigrants, who packed into cramped tenements, apartment buildings that continue today as neighborhood icons.
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Meatpacking District
  • Meatpacking District
  • Where's the best place in Manhattan to gawk at celebrities and hundreds of pounds of beef chuck roast? The Meatpacking District, of course, where you can find meat distribution plants side-by-side with some of the most exclusive nightclubs and swankiest restaurants in New York City.
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Midtown East
  • Midtown East
  • Chances are, if you are visiting New York City, you are staying in Midtown. It is the storied location of the Empire State Building, Bryant Park, Times Square, the Theater District and countless hotels.
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Midtown West
  • Midtown West
  • Midtown West contains many of NYC's most popular, iconic tourist sites and is also New York's largest central business district. For entertainment and visual showcases, visit Broadway or stand in the whirlwind motion of Times Square.
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  • Nolita
  • The charming section of Manhattan known as "Nolita" (short for "North of Little Italy") is best known for its upscale boutiques, celebrity residents and trendy eateries full of fashionable patrons spilling into the streets.
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  • SoHo
  • Cast-iron buildings and cobblestone streets create a unique ambience for this lower Manhattan neighborhood, while the former actually gave the area its original name of the Cast Iron District.
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Theater District
  • Theater District
  • For Manhattan adventurers, there's no image that shines as brightly as Times Square. The icon of NYC's Theater District, Times Square is the city dressed up in its most showy regalia.
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  • Tribeca
  • Recently voted one of Forbes's most expensive U.S. zip codes, the "TRIangle BElow CAnal" is the haunt of many New York artists, none of whom could claim to be starving.
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Upper East Side
  • Upper East Side
  • Museum Mile, the mayor's house, and some of the most expensive real estate in the United States: these are just a few things found on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.
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Upper West Side
  • Upper West Side
  • Between 59th and 110th Street lies the Upper West Side, an area immortalized in such films and television shows as West Side Story, You've Got Mail, Night at the Museum and Seinfeld.
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