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Midtown East

Midtown East
Midtown East

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Chances are, if you are visiting New York City, you are staying in Midtown. It is the storied location of the Empire State Building, Bryant Park, Times Square, the Theater District and countless hotels. Now, walk a few blocks east until you hit world-famous 5th Avenue, and you've found Midtown East.

From Monday to Friday this area is a whirlwind of suits and stilettos, hurrying to work. With several financial institutions headquartered on 5th and Park Avenues, there's a solid chance you're strolling next to an iBanker. Alongside these bustling workhorses, though, is the heart of New York City commerce – luxury retail storefronts. Towering above may be 50 and 60 floors of office space, but right here at eye-level is serious eye-candy, and that's what attracts the masses. Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Harry Winston, Christian Dior, Tiffany. They're all here, smirking in something unspeakably fabulous and waiting patiently for you and your inevitable moment of weakness. Or maybe you crave something a little less mainstream but just as posh? Enter the glamorous world of Henri Bendel, sponsor of Gossip Girl and Mecca of all things accessory. The staff will dote on your skin with the latest in creams, while you salivate over a scarf made of champagne. Overcome by your senses, it all makes sense and you just…let…go.

And don't let hunger, thirst or exhaustion slow your step. Midtown East is also home to some of New York's power restaurants, including Nobu, the Four Seasons Restaurant and BLT Steak, which all serve up high-caliber entrees for business lunches or pre-theater dinners. If some wine is all you need to numb your aching feet, step into the bar at the St. Regis, Waldorf Astoria, the Plaza or the Peninsula. Someone there will fill your glass.

If money is no object, exercise your swipe in Midtown East, and if it is, watch everyone else. It's almost as fun.

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