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Midtown West

Midtown West
Midtown West

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Midtown West contains many of NYC's most popular, iconic tourist sites and is also New York's largest central business district.

For entertainment and visual showcases, visit Broadway or stand in the whirlwind motion of Times Square. You can also visit the world's most famous arena, Madison Square Garden, for the biggest sporting events and concerts. Another treat for all ages is Rockefeller Center and FAO Schwartz, a classic toy-wonderland where huge stuffed animals, blocks, and legos reign. The winter season is an especially delightful time to visit this area. At Christmas, you can gaze up the grand Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center, a tradition since 1931. The holiday displays in this area draw crowds of all ages.

For a rest from the sensory overload of the city's racing commercial pace, head to NYC's public library. If you stand at the entrance, you'll encounter the two marble lions, Patience and Fortitude, guarding the gates to one of the biggest and most important public libraries in the world. If you already have a book in hand or fancy a rest outdoors, Midtown West offers the illustriously designed Bryant Park, a sanctuary of green lawns and trees in a sea of skyscrapers. Bryant Park is also the first open park to have free wifi, and if you're in the big city during the summer, you'll find many people sitting at the tables or lounging on the lawn, and often gathered for free movie screenings in the evening.

Fancy a bite to eat? You'll be overwhelmed by the range of choices offered in Midtown West's neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen. Though famous for its ethnic restaurants today, the neighborhood's name acknowledges its gritty past as NYC's underworld. Home to poor Irish Americans starting in the mid 19th century, it soon became known as the most dangerous area on the American continent, where gangsters and organized crime reigned. The historic ethnic clashes of this part of Midtown inspired the premise of the popular musical and film "West Side Story." Today, Hell's Kitchen is a cultural melting pot of ethnic cuisine and upscale residential areas for many actors and artists. Restaurant Row offers excellent selections including general favourites like French and Italian, but also rarer fare including Argentine, Ethiopian, Turkish.

From commercial media and entertainment, to leisure and dining, Midtown West reveals the many faces of New York City.

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