Your Destination Guide to New York City

Destination Guide NYC - Your Destination Guide to New York, NY

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When in New York City, seeing really is believing. This buzzing "city that never sleeps" offers thousands of attractions to keep the visitor both busy and astonished. Plan judiciously, so you can get the best of New York while you're here.

New York City Attractions

Broadway Theaters
  • Broadway Theaters
  • Whether you're seeing the latest Rodgers & Hammerstein revival or the newest Disney movie to be staged, Broadway is the place for "another opening of another show." With around 40 theaters lining Broadway and its side streets, you can catch a matinee or grab dinner and a late performance.
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Churches and Synagogues
  • Cultural
  • You may visit New York with plans to see all the museums and galleries you can squeeze in to your schedule, but simply standing on the city streets is an attraction in itself.
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Famous Buildings and Structures
Historic Buildings
  • Museums
  • What better place to learn about history, culture, music, science, and art than in the center of one of the most metropolitan cities in the world? From the architectural wonders of the Guggenheim to...
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Music Venues
  • Music Venues
  • Hundreds of music artists have segued to stardom from renowned venues like the Bowery Ballroom, Village Vanguard and Cafe Wha? to large-scale performance halls like Madison Square Garden and Lincoln Center. From underground indie music to the New York Opera, you'll find both on this small island.
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Parks and Squares
  • Parks and Squares
  • Need some respite from the concrete jungle? Keep your eye out for the grassy plots that pepper the city. You'll find not only a place to relax, but New York's parks and squares are known for hosting concerts, film screenings and markets throughout the year.
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Performing Arts
Shops and Restaurants
  • Shops and Restaurants
  • Whether it's watching a life-sized Tyrannosaurus Rex at the Times Square Toys "R" Us, drooling over the sweet selection at the original Dylan's Candy Bar, or simply browsing for discounted books at the Strand, these must-see places are bound to astound, even if it's just to look.
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  • Sights
  • If you've ever stood before a large Gothic cathedral with white marble spires or a massive concrete and brick building with over 100 floors and felt completely awed by the view, don't miss...
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  • Skyscrapers
  • If any city races for the sky, it's New York. Dozens of the skyscrapers peeking through its clouds once held the title of tallest building in the world, so take something for that acrophobia and enjoy the view up top.
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Zoos, Aquariums and Botanic Gardens


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