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Broadway Theaters

Broadway Theaters
Broadway Theaters

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Whether you're seeing the latest Rodgers & Hammerstein revival or the newest Disney movie to be staged, Broadway is the place for "another opening of another show." With around 40 theaters lining Broadway and its side streets, you can catch a matinee or grab dinner and a late performance. Even if you don't have a ticket when you arrive, many theaters offer discounted same-day sales, making your dose of New York culture entertaining and affordable.

New York City | Broadway Theaters

Al Hirschfeld Theatre
  • Al Hirschfeld Theatre
  • As long as the Al Hirschfeld Theatre exists, Broadway producers will never be at a loss to find dressing rooms for 200 actors, interior detailing and exterior architecture designed to draw attention, seating for 1,300 to 1,400, and box seating for the ultra-glam.
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Ambassador Theater
  • Ambassador Theater
  • From the outside, the Ambassador Theater is more or less unremarkable. Sure, the flashing lights on the marquee announcing that the Tony-award-winning Chicago is playing are enticing, but the simple brick building doesn't look too different than any other Broadway theater.
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August Wilson Theater
  • August Wilson Theater
  • In 2005 the Virginia Theater was renamed the August Wilson Theater to commemorate the passing of the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright.
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Broadway Theatre
  • Broadway Theatre
  • No, we're not talking about the collection of 500-seat theaters scattered throughout midtown Manhattan – rather, just one. And not the four other stages named The Broadway, either. Maybe you know it as Universal's Colony Theatre. How about B.S.
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Brooks Atkinson Theater
  • Brooks Atkinson Theater
  • One of the three Broadway theaters designed by Albert J. Krapp during the 1920s, the Brooks Atkinson Theater is coated with Spanish regality, including a recently restored chandelier in the lobby.
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Golden Theatre
  • Golden Theatre
  • With a vertical sign that reads "Golden" hanging from the building's front, you may wonder if this theater can live up to such an audacious promise. This West 45th Street building wasn't always named Golden, however, and it wasn't always a Broadway theater.
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Imperial Theater
  • Imperial Theater
  • With the flourish of a grand marquee, the Imperial Theater maintains the beauty and grandeur of its original 1920s design. This majesty flows into the theater's interior, tracing itself along ornamental paneling with floral and geometric motifs.
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Majestic Theater
  • Majestic Theater
  • A black banner with the iconic white mask of the Phantom emerges from the sea of Broadway theaters to herald people towards the Majestic Theater.
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Minskoff Theater
  • Minskoff Theater
  • What does Pearl Bailey, the Chinese Acrobats of Taiwan, a handful of lions and giraffes, and musician Meat Loaf all have in common? Not much, actually. But they have all played at the Minskoff Theatre, (well, man-made versions of lions and giraffes, that is).
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New Amsterdam Theatre
  • New Amsterdam Theatre
  • "Shall we their fond pageant see? Lord, what fools these mortals be!" And so went the opening of New Amsterdam Theatre's doors in 1903 with a revival production of William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.
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Palace Theatre
  • Palace Theatre
  • We've read about love stories in books, watched them on the big screen, and even seen them happen among those we know, but few can compare to West Side Story.
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The Gershwin Theatre
  • The Gershwin Theatre
  • Since opening in 1972, the Gershwin Theatre's impressive size has been matched only by its immense ambition. With a large orchestra section, front and rear mezzanines, and several balconies, the Gershwin holds 1,933 seats from which to enjoy large-scale musical productions.
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Winter Garden Theatre
  • Winter Garden Theatre
  • It's hard to believe that the main sounds coming from the present-day Winter Garden Theatre, home to fantastic musical numbers and choreography, used to be the sounds of horses neighing and the clip clop of hooves.
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