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Churches and Synagogues

Churches and Synagogues
Churches and Synagogues

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New York is home to a wide range of beautiful and architecturally magnificent places of worship and contemplation. Among its most stunning is St. Patrick's Cathedral in the financial district, the largest gothic-style church in the US, rivaled perhaps only by Cathedral of St. John the Divine in Manhattan's Morningside Heights. The Eldridge Street Synagogue, which opened in 1887 and the Central Synagogue, 1846, are the most renowned in New York and gave Jewish residents a spiritual community. Other places of worship of historic significance abound, including the Abyssinian Baptist Church, completed in 1808 as the first black church in New York City, and the Friends Meeting House in Flushing, built in 1694, the oldest church in the city.

New York City | Churches and Synagogues

Cathedral of St. John the Divine
  • Cathedral of St. John the Divine
  • A rose window with 10,000 pieces of glass, seating for 4,500, seven elaborate chapels and 14 themed sections behind the nave make this cathedral one of the largest and most stunning in the world.
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Central Synagogue
Church of the Holy Trinity
  • Church of the Holy Trinity
  • Nestled between First and Second Avenues on 88th Street, Holy Trinity plays a major role in the Upper East Side community. Partnering with Neighborhood Coalition, the church is able to provide shelter for up to 15 people per night.
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St. Bart's
  • St. Bart's
  • St. Bartholomew's, commonly referred to as St. Bart's, is one of those unique places in Manhattan that attracts both tourists and locals on a daily basis.
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St. Patrick's Cathedral
  • St. Patrick's Cathedral
  • With spires rising 330 feet and its foundation dominating half a block, 130-year-old St. Patrick's Cathedral rivals its midtown Manhattan neighbors in both dimension and beauty.
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Trinity Church
  • Trinity Church
  • Tucked among the daunting skyscrapers of New York's Financial District, Trinity Church beckons passersby with its 23-bell tower, high-reaching spire, and wide bronze-laden doors.
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