Your Destination Guide to New York City

Destination Guide NYC - Your Destination Guide to New York, NY

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You may visit New York with plans to see all the museums and galleries you can squeeze in to your schedule, but simply standing on the city streets is an attraction in itself. Plunge into your New York experience with wide eyes and witness a culture unlike any other.

New York City | Cultural

Bohemian Hall
  • Bohemian Hall
  • The oldest beer garden in New York City, Bohemian Hall celebrated its 100th anniversary this year. Bohemian Hall is run and managed by the Bohemian Citizens' Benevolent Society of Astoria, an organization dedicated to preserving the Czech and Slovak communities in the area.
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Brooklyn Heights Promenade
  • Brooklyn Heights Promenade
  • The Brooklyn Heights Promenade lies directly across the East River from Lower Manhattan and offers some of the most spectacular views of the city that you can find. Less than ten years ago, the majestic twin towers dominated the skyline; now, a notable gap exists.
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Chelsea Piers
  • Chelsea Piers
  • Sure, you've heard of the Chelsea Piers, but what's there to do on a couple of docks? Actually, quite a bit. Do you like golf? Go to The Golf Club at Chelsea Piers. Like bowling? Try 300 New York at Chelsea Piers.
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Ellis Island
  • Ellis Island
  • Maybe it was your grandmother, or perhaps your great-grandfather: with approximately 12 million immigrants processed on Ellis Island between 1892 and 1954, it's possible your ancestors passed through the famous immigrant station on their way to a new life in America.
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Governors Island
  • Governors Island
  • Only a seven-minute ferry ride from lower Manhattan, Governors Island is a popular historical and recreational attraction, providing the opportunity to spend a fun day away from the hectic city, while remaining close enough to keep the skyline and the Statue of Liberty in view.
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Ground Zero
  • Ground Zero
  • Every day, thousands of tourists flock to Lower Manhattan to pay their respects to the approximately 3,000 people who lost their lives in the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center.
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Hudson Tea Building
  • Hudson Tea Building
  • The Hudson Tea buildings currently encompass luxury apartment buildings on Hoboken's waterfront, although they were originally part of a complex that was home to the Lipton Tea Company.
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Jacob K. Javits Convention Center
  • Jacob K. Javits Convention Center
  • Controversy is the name of the game for the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. From the beginning, opinions have run the gamut about this building, which is currently the 18th largest convention center in the U.S. Designed by the famous architect, I. M.
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Lorrillard Snuff Mill
  • Lorrillard Snuff Mill
  • Located in the beautiful New York Botanical Gardens, the Lorillard Snuff Mill is the oldest existing tobacco manufacturing building in the U.S. The structure, rebuilt in 1840, has an exterior of stone and ivy, complementing its flowery surroundings.
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Madison Square Garden
  • Madison Square Garden
  • The organ echoes around the vast arena that is Madison Square Garden as 18,200 fans (known as the 'Garden Faithful') chant "let's go Rangers!" The clock ticks to zero after an agonizing final few minutes, and it's over in an eruption of roars and clamor.
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Museum Mile
  • Museum Mile
  • Manhattan's Fifth Avenue is most commonly known for its array of luxury retailers, the famed Louvre-inspired Apple store, and the Plaza Hotel.
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New York Penn Station
  • New York Penn Station
  • You used to walk through the massive doorway flanked by pink granite columns. When you looked up, you could see the sublime Roman style architecture, the glass ceiling soaring 100 feet above your head.
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Russian and Turkish Baths
  • Russian and Turkish Baths
  • Nestled in a newly renovated facility on 1st Avenue and Avenue A, the Russian and Turkish Baths of the East Village provide an old-world experience of pleasure and cleanliness.
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Staten Island Ferry
  • Staten Island Ferry
  • The 25-minute boat ride between Manhattan and St. George on Staten Island has made cameos in popular television shows and Hollywood films such as Basketball Diaries, American Gangster, and Sex and the City.
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Teddy Roosevelt's Birthplace
  • Teddy Roosevelt's Birthplace
  • Theodore Roosevelt wore many hats in his life, from rancher to Harvard graduate to author to Nobel Peace Prize winner to namesake for the lovable children's teddy bear. Not to mention that he was also a Colonel, a Governor, a Vice President, and the 26th President of the United States.
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The Mets at Citifield
  • The Mets at Citifield
  • The underdogs of New York baseball, the Mets have two World Series rings to the Yankees' twenty-six. Since their World Series win in 1986, they've been notoriously unlucky, famously losing to the Yankees in the 2000 Subway Series and again to the St.
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Top of the Rock
  • Top of the Rock
  • This unique attraction features the most exhilarating and unobstructed panorama view of Manhattan and beyond.
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Wall Street
  • Wall Street
  • Today, the street runs through New York's Financial District and is walled with art deco-inspired skyscrapers and prominent buildings of the Gilded Age.
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Yankee Stadium
  • Yankee Stadium
  • Baseball fans all over New York City and beyond can recall the infectious energy of the crowd, the salty smell of peanuts lingering in the air, and their first sight of the checkered green field at Yankee Stadium.
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