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Hudson Tea Building

Hudson Tea Building
Hudson Tea Building

© Hoboken Condos

The Hudson Tea buildings currently encompass luxury apartment buildings on Hoboken's waterfront, although they were originally part of a complex that was home to the Lipton Tea Company. Thomas Lipton, the founder of the Lipton Tea Company, constructed the buildings in the early 1905 as his American headquarters.

Lipton founded his company in 1871 when he opened his first grocery store and used publicity stunts for advertising. In 1890, he ventured into teas, a product that Lipton is now most well known for. From Lipton's headquarters in Hoboken, the company became one of the largest tea traders in the world. His large Lipton Tea sign could be seen all over the New York Harbor and helped contribute to his title of the "father of modern advertising." Each year, Hoboken hosts an annual "Tea Party" to honor the Lipton Tea company and the Hudson Tea Building.

In 2000, two of the three buildings were converted to luxury residences, and in 2005, all three buildings were renovated into apartment buildings. Encompassing 16 acres on the Hudson River, the site provides easy access to Hoboken's trendy restaurants and boutiques but also allows a short commute to New York and vast views of the Manhattan skyline. Visitors and residents can enjoy a stroll on the scenic promenade on the Hudson River waterfront. The site is now the residence of former governor Jon Corzine, and was a temporary residence for actress Mischa Barton while she filmed Assassination of a High School President. The buildings are located at 1500 Washington Street.

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