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Lexington Avenue

Lexington Avenue
Lexington Avenue

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Transitioning from midtown to the Upper East Side, Lexington Avenue provides various shopping attractions from 50th to 69th street. This 20-block stretch houses a variety of small stores, including jewelry, shoe, and home furnishing boutiques. Lexington Avenue is also the location of several well-known shops, including Bloomingdales, which is on 59th street, Zara, Levi, and Nine West. These designer stores provide moderately priced to expensive trendy clothing.

However, most of Lexington's shops are less well-known boutiques with more unique products. One shop worth visiting is Elle W Collection, a high end antique jewelry and home furnishings boutique (864 Lexington Avenue). Another unique boutique is Pan American Pheonix, a shop full of hand-made Mexican clothing, accessories, and pottery. If you're looking for shoes, visit Diane B. Lady shoes (at 63rd street) for women's shoes and handbags, or try Galo (at 63rd street) for men's and women's comfortable and reasonably priced shoes. Galo also features a bridal shoe section, with plenty of comfortable choices for any wedding. If you're shopping for a gift, stop by Le Sabon and Baby Too (at 64th street), which carries dainty gift items and adorable baby shower gifts.

Although close to Madison, Park, and Fifth Avenues, Lexington provides shoppers more affordable stores in a less touristy atmosphere. Lexington Avenue further North—beginning on 70th street—is known for its old fashioned atmoshere, with a plethora of mom and pop businesses. Lexington Avenue between 50th and 69th streets provides a more modern experience than higher up on Lexington and a more anonymous experience than popular destinations on Madison and 5th Avenues.


  • Location:
  • Lexington Avenue between 50th and 65th Street
  • Subway Stop:
  • 4, 5, 6 trains to the 59th Street Station
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