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Cultural Activities

Cultural Activities
Cultural Activities

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Home to surfing, hula, and some of our nation's most colorful stories, O'ahu is a cultural melting pot and historical wonder. Visit the Polynesian Cultural Center for a taste of Hawaiian heritage, or the Sugar Plantation Village to experience other ethnicities that have made Hawai'i their home. Head out to Pearl Harbor to experience one of Hawai'i's – and our nation's – biggest historical tragedies. Or simply exchange a shaka and a smile with a local and you will see the culture and spirit of aloha are also in the people of Hawai'i.

Oahu | Cultural Activities

Bishop Museum
  • Bishop Museum
  • The newly renovated Bishop Museum combines hands-on, interactive exhibits with science and history. If the words "educational" and "fun" can be used in the same sentence (and we know they can), those...
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Chinatown Honolulu
  • Chinatown Honolulu
  • A wealth of sights, sounds, and aromas, Chinatown is a beautiful display of old world Hawai'i meeting the new world potpourri of Asia-America.
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Haleiwa Surf Museum
  • Haleiwa Surf Museum
  • Throughout time, most seafarers of the world never considered harnessing the power of a breaking wave and riding it to shore. Today, the north shore attracts an international following to its numerous surf competitions.
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Honolulu Hale
  • Honolulu Hale
  • While other parts of the country deck the halls in preparation for a white Christmas, Honolulu Hale celebrates the holidays with a uniquely Hawaiian twist. The obligatory Christmas tree is present, but so is a giant, barefoot Santa proudly showing off a shaka, the local style of waving.
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Japanese Cultural Center
  • Japanese Cultural Center
  • Fueled by the memory of the poignant sacrifices of both the Issei and Nisei (first and second generations), founders of the Japanese Cultural Center have created a lasting legacy that celebrates the roots of the Japanese community in Hawai'i.
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Mission Houses Museum
  • Mission Houses Museum
  • As you travel through Honolulu along South King Street, the sight of a quaint New England-style cottage on a manicured lawn will certainly catch your eye.
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Polynesian Cultural Center
  • Polynesian Cultural Center
  • The staccato of drums and rhythmic Hawaiian chanting resonates throughout the Polynesian Cultural Center. A canoe glides gently across the still lagoon, surrounded by waterfalls, tropical flora and an "erupting" volcano.
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Queen Emma's Summer Palace
  • Queen Emma's Summer Palace
  • The Queen Emma Summer Palace does not surprise in its display of the luxury enjoyed by the family of King Kamehameha IV, but its depiction of Hawaiian royalty as accessible makes it an exceptional...
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Royal Mausoleum
  • Royal Mausoleum
  • The Royal Mausoleum—or Mauna 'Ala, as it is known in Hawai'ian—houses the remains of many individuals who have figured significantly in Hawai'i's history.
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Washington Place
  • Washington Place
  • Washington Place in downtown Honolulu appears a bit peculiar amid the towering office buildings and bustling businesses.
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