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Destination Guide Oahu - Your Destination Guide to Oahu, HI

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Water Sports

Water Sports
Water Sports

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The year-round 70-degree water draws many visitors to Hawai'i, making water sports all the more enjoyable. Adventurous athletes can ride waves on just about every side of the island, or go parasailing on a windy day. For the mellower waterman, kayak above the sea or explore the life below while snorkeling. And the best part — no wetsuit required!

Oahu | Water Sports

Jet Skiing
  • Jet Skiing
  • Nothing feels more freeing or exciting than riding a jet ski over the waves of the Pacific Ocean. Fans of jet skiing liken the sport to driving a motorcycle over the ocean. You can find these "motorcycles of the sea" in several locations throughout Oahu.
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  • Kayaking
  • Glide over serene, blue water so clear that you can see ten feet, twelve feet or even deeper to the sandy ocean floor. Picture groups of coral reaching up towards the surface, fish swimming in and out of crevices, and turtles poking their heads through the surface of the water.
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Sailing and Powerboating
  • Sailing and Powerboating
  • Boats have been integral to island life since the Polynesian people used them to transport livestock, exotic plants, and food, arriving to the islands using only the stars and currents to guide them.
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Scuba Diving
  • Scuba Diving
  • The Hawaiian archipelago remains the most remote chain of islands from a land mass in the Pacific Ocean, which makes for unique marine wildlife which are endemic to the islands.
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  • Snorkeling
  • Over two-thirds of the Earth is covered by water yet few of us ever explore the remarkable beauty beneath its surface.
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Stand Up Paddle Boarding
  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding
  • Paddle boarding, also called Hoe' he'e nalu, is a unique form of surfing perfect for Hawai'i's warm waters. Directly translated from Hawaiian to English, hoe means paddle, he'e means to surf or slide, and nalu means wave.
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  • Surfing
  • He'enalu, or surfing, is defined as "the act or sport of riding the surf, as on a surfboard." But to surfers, it is much more than that. It isn't just a hobby or an activity to pass the time.
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Swimming with the Dolphins
  • Swimming with the Dolphins
  • You swim quietly and lazily through the salty water. A soft breeze kicks up, bringing with it the sounds of clicking and laughter. But not human laughter. You listen a little harder, then smile when you recognize the sound—dolphins.
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