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Destination Guide Oahu - Your Destination Guide to Oahu, HI

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When visiting O'ahu, remember to venture outside Waikiki. While it is typically the hub for tourists, it serves one well to explore the rest of what the island has to offer. Experience the small town vibe of La'ie, or the farm feel of Waimanalo. Head to Kailua for some elegant beauty, or cruise Chinatown for a taste of tradition. No matter where you go, the spirit of aloha is one thing you are certain to find everywhere.

Note: There are 4 districts on Oahu, but many neighborhoods within those districts. Click on an area below to view all the areas/neighborhoods within that district.

Oahu Areas

  • Honolulu
  • Although the first Polynesians arrived in Hawaiʻi about 2,000 years ago, archeology and Hawaiian oral histories suggest that Honolulu—located on the island of Oʻahu—was founded approximately 900 years ago, in 1100 or so.
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North Shore
  • North Shore
  • With massive waves at its Banzai Pipeline, Oahu's North Shore easily brings in the tourists for surfing and adventure. Still, it manages to hold on to the charm that makes Hawai'i unique, with plenty of local restaurants and attractions just a few miles down the road.
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West Shore
  • West Shore
  • A throwback to the first half of the 20th century, Oahu's West Shore is definitely not for the typical tourist. It takes a sense of adventure and a love for unpaved paths to make it on this side of the island.
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  • Windward
  • Known for its hauteur and great beaches, the windward side of Oahu is still your average Hawaiian suburb, filled with kids on the streets, luaus on the lawn, and the quiet living that exists outside of Waikiki's bustle.
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