Your Destination Guide to Philadelphia

Destination Guide Philadelphia - Your Destination Guide to Philadelphia, PA

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Philadelphia is home to some of the most attractive golf courses, parks, and recreational areas in the country, and is surrounded by so much natural beauty that Philadelphians appear to spend little time indoors. With its miles of scenic bicycle and hiking paths and its wealth of rivers and lakes, there's so many recreational opportunities around that even locals can't find time to explore and experience all there is.

Philadelphia | Recreation

  • Biking
  • Philadelphia is really coming into its own with almost 200 miles of designated bike lanes in the city and 100 miles of off-road trails. In fact, the city is now consistently rated among the top five big cities for cycling by publications such as Bicycling Magazine.
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Bird Watching
  • Bird Watching
  • Philadelphia's gem Fairmount Park is the easiest, and also the best, place to go in town to enjoy birds in their natural habitat, and includes a range of migrant, resident and nesting species.
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Disc Golf
  • Disc Golf
  • BYOD and participate in the city's many disc golf and Ultimate Frisbee events. Sedgley Woods Disc Golf Course - Established in 1977, Sedgley Woods Disc Golf Course is...
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  • Fishing
  • Avid anglers will find ample opportunity to ply their favorite sport in the Philadelphia region. The area's beautiful creeks, rivers and lakes are kept well-stocked, and beauty abounds. ...
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  • Golfing
  • Fairmount Park backdrops all six public golf courses in Philadelphia, some of which were designed by superstar course architects Hugh Wilson, Ed Ault, and Alex Findlay. Each of Philadelphia County's courses is open from dawn to dusk and boasts numerous amenities.
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Ice Skating
  • Ice Skating
  • Ice skating is very popular during the winter months in Philadelphia, and there are several city-owned skating rinks as well as numerous private rinks, too numerous to list here. ...
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Organized Sports
  • Organized Sports
  • Philadelphia has several adult and student leagues for all kinds of sports, many of which are very active and popular.
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  • Rowing
  • Philadelphia's Boathouse Row is one of the most prestigious rowing locales not only in the nation, but in the world.
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  • Running
  • Philadelphia is inherently fantastic for running, jogging, or walking, given its network of paths that traverse the historical parts of the city and then connect with the pastoral countryside.
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