Your Destination Guide to Philadelphia

Destination Guide Philadelphia - Your Destination Guide to Philadelphia, PA

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You might think of Philadelphia as all about history, and it is: as America's birthplace, it does indeed boast more historic structures and institutions than any other city. But it is also about the present: a vibrant, growing city full of exciting new ideas, places to see, and things to do. You can skateboard or play ultimate Frisbee on world-class facilities or you can explore the charisma and creativity of Benjamin Franklin; you can wander down historic Boathouse Row and watch the quiet beauty of a rowing shell as it slices through the waters of the Schuylkill, or enjoy a cutting-edge art exhibit at the world-famous Institute of Contemporary Art. Whatever you choose to do, you can't avoid the charm and culture of one of the most historically-significant cities in the world.

Philadelphia Attractions

  • Breweries
  • Over a hundred years ago, Philadelphia was viewed as the greatest brewing city in the Western hemisphere. From home-brewed meads to frothy lagers, robust stouts to fruity ales, this city's reputation for producing able-bodied, refreshing beer goes back centuries.
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Historic Attractions
  • Memorials
  • Philadelphia's past is made up of courageous Revolutionary War soldiers, spirited immigrants eager to start a new life, and dynamic individuals who helped shaped the city into the commercial and cultural center it is today.
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  • Museums
  • Philadelphia's role in the creation of the new nation, as well as its strategic location as a booming port and city of immigrants, ensures its historic significance, and its museums in turn ensure...
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Parks, Gardens and Squares
  • Sights
  • Steeped in history, yet moving quickly to embrace culture and the arts as well as modern trends, Philadelphia has become a fascinating amalgam of the old and the new, the historic and the modern, and the traditional and the cutting-edge.
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Streets and Avenues
Theme Parks
  • Theme Parks
  • America's favorite chocolate and Hershey Park is not the only exciting and fun park in Philadelphia. Philadelphia is chock full (no, not o' nuts) of family destinations, so check them out and plan your day.
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