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Over a hundred years ago, Philadelphia was viewed as the greatest brewing city in the Western hemisphere. From home-brewed meads to frothy lagers, robust stouts to fruity ales, this city's reputation for producing able-bodied, refreshing beer goes back centuries. According to history, when William Penn arrived in Pennsylvania in the late 17th century, taverns were already abundant. In colonial Philadelphia, many existed as places for social gatherings and political meetings. With at least 50 breweries in operation by 1909 and some of the finest names in the country such as Schmidt's and Philadelphia Old Stock flowing abundantly from the taps, there is no denying a rich brewing history in this town. Located in Pottsville, D.G. Yuengling & Son is the oldest brewery in the United States and its signature beer, Yuengling Traditional Lager, is synonymous with the term "lager" throughout many areas of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

In the 1920s, Philadelphia's affair with suds was cut short by the arrival of Prohibition, which shut down almost all of its major beer producers. However, 60 years later, the city regained its reputation as a strong producer of flavorful ales, with independent breweries and brewpubs popping up from places as central as Kensington to surrounding suburbs, like Downington. Today, several of these beloved microbreweries produce some of the world's best beer and repeatedly win awards at international beer competitions. Also, many offer casual tours and samples of their robust concoctions. Yards Brewing Company, created in 1994 by two practical college kids who had realized how much money they would save by brewing their own beer, is still going strong after 15 years and offers free informal tours on Saturdays. Victory Brewing Company in Downington, 33 miles outside Philadelphia, is arguably the area's most well-known brewery and even has an attached restaurant. Kensington's Philadelphia Brewing Company, located in the in the original home of the Weisbrod & Hess Oriental Brewing Company, blends European and American influences in such signatures as the smooth Kenzinger and the complex Rowhouse Red.

From the old colonial appeal of the General Lafayette Inn & Brewery on Lafayette Hill, to the airy, modern atmosphere of Chestnut Street's Triumph Brewing Company, Philadelphia's increasingly vibrant brewpub scene offers an unmatched diversity you will have to taste to believe.

Philadelphia | Breweries

Dock Street Brewing Company
  • Dock Street Brewing Company
  • The Dock Street Brewing Company, originally located in Center City, closed in 2002 after being bought by investors, but reopened in 2007 to its own little niche in West Philly.
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Earth Bread and Brewery
  • Earth Bread and Brewery
  • In the Mount Airy neighborhood of northwest Philadelphia, you will find a stark contrast to the typical rowdy, dimly lit pubs mostly frequented on the weekends.
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General Lafayette Inn and Brewery
  • General Lafayette Inn and Brewery
  • Located on Lafayette Hill, just west of Chestnut Hill in Northwest Philadelphia, is the celebrated General Lafayette Inn, built in 1732. An evening at this historic inn and brewery will make you feel like you are back in the 18th century.
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Iron Hill Brewery
  • Iron Hill Brewery
  • With six locations scattered throughout southeastern Pennsylvania and Delaware, the Iron Hill Brewery steadily boasts full-flavored beer, innovative yet casual food, and a friendly, knowledgeable staff.
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Nodding Head Brewery
  • Nodding Head Brewery
  • Located in the heart of Center City, Nodding Head Brewery & Restaurant has won more beer competition awards than it knows what to do with. Venture up the narrow flight of stairs to the second story of 1516 Samson Street and you will soon discover why.
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Sly Fox Brewhouse
  • Sly Fox Brewhouse
  • Phoenixville's Sly Fox Brewhouse in southeastern Pennsylvania has created more than 100 different beers since opening its doors in 1995.
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Triumph Brewing Company
  • Triumph Brewing Company
  • Located in the heart of Old City, the Triumph Brewing Company's surfboard shaped tables, dark wood paneling, and notoriously spacious bathrooms make for a sophisticated dining experience. However, the elegant d├ęcor is far from all this modern brewery has to offer.
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Victory Brewing Company
  • Victory Brewing Company
  • Offering a laidback atmosphere ideal for kicking back with a big, juicy burger and a tall glass of refreshing craft beer, there is always something happening in Downington's lively eatery.
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