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Parks, Gardens and Squares

Parks, Gardens and Squares
Parks, Gardens and Squares

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In keeping with Will Penn's intent to create a "greene Country Towne" – in fact, a utopia in the New World – Philadelphia has indeed met this promise in its parks and gardens. Historic homesteads, including the country's oldest botanical garden Bartram's Gardens, offer an experience not just of sights, sounds, and scents, but in the history of landscape architecture and cultural trends across four centuries.

Philadelphia | Parks, Gardens and Squares

Bartram's Gardens
  • Bartram's Gardens
  • John Bartram, Royal Quaker Botanist responsible for identifying and cultivating over 200 different species of plants, spent his entire life dedicated to appreciating nature and helping it thrive. Today, his historic home and 45-acre garden site, just west of the Schuylkill River on 54th St.
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Chanticleer Garden
  • Chanticleer Garden
  • Originally the estate of Christine and Adolph Rosengarten, Sr., head of the pharmaceutical company Rosengarten and Sons, Chanticleer Garden opened to the public in 1993.
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Fairmont Horticultural Gardens
  • Fairmont Horticultural Gardens
  • Since its inception in 1876, the Fairmont Park Horticultural Center has lured visitors past Philadelphia's bustling, downtown area to view true botanical splendor.
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Fairmount Park
  • Fairmount Park
  • Philadelphia's Fairmount Park is an oasis amidst the urban landscape, and the nation's largest landscaped park.
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Franklin Square
  • Franklin Square
  • One of the five public squares that William Penn designed in Philadelphia's original city plan, Franklin Square has recently been renovated and redesigned as a family-friendly park with...
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Laurel Hill Cemetery and Sculpture Garden
  • Laurel Hill Cemetery and Sculpture Garden
  • Nestled peacefully in the East Falls section of Philadelphia overlooking the Schuylkill River, Laurel Hill is 78 acres of history, serenity, and natural beauty. Quaker librarian John Jay Smith founded this peaceful city retreat in 1836 as an escape from Philadelphia's chaotic urban center.
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Logan Circle
  • Logan Circle
  • It is tough to imagine the midpoint of the Ben Franklin Parkway between 18th and 20th St. as a public execution site during the 18th Century.
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Longwood Gardens
  • Longwood Gardens
  • In 1789, landowners Joshua and Samuel Pierce planted the first specimens of what would eventually become the beautiful and elegant Longwood Gardens, located in the Brandywine Valley of Pennsylvania. Industrialist Pierre S.
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Love Park
  • Love Park
  • Originally donning the name "JFK Plaza" during its establishment in the 1960s, Robert Indiana's LOVE sculpture was installed amongst the granite steps and large fountain during the mid-70s, prompting this plaza to be better known as LOVE Park.
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Magic Gardens
  • Magic Gardens
  • The old adage that one man's trash is another man's treasure is not merely a cliché, but is evident in the work of award-winning mosaic artist Isaiah Zagar, founder of Philadelphia's Magic Gardens.
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Rittenhouse Square
  • Rittenhouse Square
  • Rittenhouse Square, one of the five parks originally planned by Philadelphia developer William Penn, offers an exciting array of nearby art, culture, history, and dining.
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Shofuso Japanese House and Garden
  • Shofuso Japanese House and Garden
  • Surrounded by picturesque rocks, ponds, trees, and traditional Japanese plants, this elegant home, built in authentic 16th- century style, is one of Philadelphia's most unique and alluring attractions.
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Valley Forge National Historical Park
Washington Square
  • Washington Square
  • Washington Square, one of William Penn's original five city squares, is located in the city's historic district and is significant for the role it played in several dismal historic events. Originally known as Congo Square, Africans were held here before they were sold as slaves.
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