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Italian Market

Italian Market
Italian Market

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Walking down Philadelphia's 9th Street Italian Market, the largest and oldest outdoor market in the United States, is like stepping back in time. The lively atmosphere and unique charm of this immigrant marketplace has remained unchanged for 100 years. The stimulating aromas of freshly ground coffee and hundreds of different spices still mingle with crispy Italian bread and airy, sweet pastries to create a rich medley of food, culture, and personality. This maelstrom of culinary tastes offers four stores that sell a huge assortment of different cheeses, seven meat markets, and four fish markets. And if you are in the mood for dessert, the market offers a selection of Italian cannolis, cream cakes, and light fluffy pastries that would satisfy even the most devoted dessert connoisseur.

In spite of its name, one of the Italian Market's greatest strengths lies in its diversity. In this bustling marketplace, accomplished gourmet chefs, professional food aficionados and curious tourists of all cultures and ages come together to create an infectious energy unique to this area of South Philly. While primarily an Italian marketplace, you will also find a huge variety of coffee and teas from all over the world, antique and linen shops, and two of the largest rival Philly cheesesteak shops in the state right across the street from each other. So whether you are in the mood for a light afternoon cappuccino, a fresh bowl of clams or mussels, or a delightfully juicy cheesesteak from Geno's or its rival Pat's, each trip to the 9th Street Italian Market is truly a unique and unpredictable experience – just be sure to remember to bring your appetite!


  • Hours:
  • Tuesday through Saturday: 9am to 5pm, Sunday: 9am to 2pm
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  • Location: 1001 S 9th St Philadelphia, PA
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