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Destination Guide Portland - Your Destination Guide to Portland, OR

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Portland is one of the easiest cities to navigate, once you get the hang of it. The sectors make trip-planning a breeze, because you can easily organize your itinerary by areas.

Portland has five primary sectors (N, NW, NE, SW, SE). Burnside Street divides the NE and NW, the Willamette River splits the city into SE and SW, and Williams Avenue, sub-divides the NE into N and NE.

The two most popular sectors for tourism are the SW and NW. The SW sector includes the core of Downtown, the South Waterfront, PSU and OHSU. The NW sector is just north of downtown and comprises with the Old Town, Pearl District, and Northwest District. Encased within the larger sectors are eclectic small neighborhoods that are definitely worth discovering.

Portland | Areas

Alberta - Northeast Portland
  • Alberta - Northeast Portland
  • Art galleries adorn the streets of Portland, but none are quite like those in the Alberta Arts District, while murals by local artists cover the walls of the recently renovated neighborhood.
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Goose Hollow
  • Goose Hollow
  • Located between Portland's Old Town and the Pearl District, both in location and in aspect, lies Goose Hollow.
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  • Hawthorne
  • Visitors may be confused crossing the Hawthorne Bridge and entering the Southeast waterfront. Industrial buildings line the river and gleaming skyscrapers are nowhere to be seen. But fear not: Portland's Hawthorne neighborhood is an eclectic, fun mix of vintage and new wave.
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Northwest / Nob Hill
  • Northwest / Nob Hill
  • Nicknamed Nob Hill for its resemblance to the San Francisco neighborhood, this Portland district does not boast the same steep inclines of the Bay Area, but is just as engaging.
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Old Town / Chinatown
  • Old Town / Chinatown
  • It's impossible to miss the ornamental, seemingly ancient Chinese arches welcoming visitors to Portland's Chinatown. The city's oldest neighborhood is more than a borough for those of eastern descent, however, and is also referred to as Old Town.
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Pearl District
  • Pearl District
  • Portland's Pearl District is an eclectic neighborhood made possible by the city's urban renewal agenda.
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South Waterfront
  • South Waterfront
  • If you're fond of small but burgeoning neighborhoods, then South Waterfront, or SoWa, is the place for you. A mix of small town ambience and New York City-type high rises, the neighborhood is scenically located in South Portland along the Willamette River.
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