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Destination Guide Portland - Your Destination Guide to Portland, OR

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If each attraction were a rose, Portland would be a garden. And between the world-famous Japanese, Chinese, Rose and Berry Botanic Gardens, some visitors may wonder if gardens are all there is to Portland. But with monuments, museums, architecture, and natural wonders that boggle the mind and sometimes the senses, Portland is so much more than flowerbeds. Places like Voodoo Donuts where you can grab a bacon maple bar, Mt. Tabor where you can hike a volcano, and the Portland Art Museum, all contribute to Portland's eclectic flavor. Just zigzag through the maze-like streets, watching Victorian architecture and mind-twisting modern art each struggling to dominate the landscape. It's a bit like entering a version of Alice's Wonderland. Fresh mushrooms, roses, and tea houses abound, fused with the exuberance of the city's residents, many of whom would be proud to be compared to Lewis Carol's Mad Hatter--"Keep Portland Weird" as the popular bumper stickers read.

Portland Attractions

  • Breweries
  • In Portland, it rains amber malt and the streets are paved with golden wheat. Well, looking at the quantity of breweries per capita, one might think so. In fact, because of the hospitable beer culture, to many, "Portland" is synonymous with "microbrewery".
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Historical and Cultural
  • Museums
  • Looking for a museum of velvet paintings? Portland has it. Do 3D photo museums tickle your fancy? Come to Portland. Do you want to see a museum of space alien skeletons? Well, in that case, you'd better go to Mars.
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Parks and Gardens
  • Parks and Gardens
  • Portland's green reputation springs from more than forests and environment. Early in its development, city leaders envisioned greenways and parks within city limits. Tom McCall Waterfront Park, Portland's foremost example of a city park, flanks the Willamette River.
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Performing Arts
  • Sights
  • For the most picturesque photo settings, the sights in and around Portland can't be beat. A mere 30 miles from city limits, Multnomah Falls symbolizes Portland's famed natural environment and is the gateway to the spectacular Columbia River Gorge, with its scenic drive and waterfalls.
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