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In Portland, it rains amber malt and the streets are paved with golden wheat. Well, looking at the quantity of breweries per capita, one might think so. In fact, because of the hospitable beer culture, to many, "Portland" is synonymous with "microbrewery". In 1888, brewer Henry Weinhard offered to help celebrate the opening of the Skidmore Fountain by spouting beer through it. While that idea was fortunately nixed, Portlanders have been crazy about beer ever since. While prohibition closed all of the old beer houses in the 1930s, hand crafted beers re-immerged in the 1980s with the DIY movement. As citizens began experimenting with brewing in their homes, handcrafting the suds once again became a marketable art. With that art, a vibrant culture of artists and art connoisseurs sprouted, placing microbreweries around every corner and quickly turning Portland into the microbrew capitol of the world.

From Lucky Lab with solar-powered, beer crafting tools, to Hair of the Dog's organic brews, Portland is foremost in creative brewing styles, as well as the pure taste of its brews. Oregon's natural abundance of fresh ingredients makes for some of the best lambics, lagers and IPAs this side of the Atlantic, and even the world, according to some. Here you will find the city's trademark IPAs, as popular as its pinots and imbibed by members on both sides of the alcohol aisle.

Portland | Breweries

Alameda Brewhouse
  • Alameda Brewhouse
  • Perhaps it is the high quality of water we have here in Portland. Maybe it is the proximity of the Great Western Malting Company located in Vancouver, WA, a company that prides itself on creating new and unique blends of malt for brewers. Maybe the competition breeds excellence.
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Bridgeport Brewery
  • Bridgeport Brewery
  • Founded by an ingenious collaboration between brewer Karl Ockert and wine connoisseurs Richard and Nancy Ponzi in 1984, the Bridgeport Brewing Company is Oregon's oldest craft brewery. It led the way in helping bring about the state's recent brewing revolution.
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Clear Creek Distillery
  • Clear Creek Distillery
  • For the last 20 years, Clear Creek Distillery has worked tirelessly to blend the flavor of Oregon fruits into its wide variety of artisan spirits.
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Ford Farms Cyderworks
  • Ford Farms Cyderworks
  • Embracing the inventive spirit that mapped the Pacific Northwest, Ford Farms Cyderworks has become one of the premier brewing companies in Portland.
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Full Sail Brewery (Riverplace)
  • Full Sail Brewery (Riverplace)
  • Along the Willamette River gliding through Portland's scenic waterfront, the Full Sail Brewery at Riverplace offers visitors a view to match some of Oregon's finest microbrews. The brewery offers a full lineup of Full Sail beers along with a variety of guest ales on tap and in the barrel.
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Golden Valley Brewery
Hair of the Dog Brewery
  • Hair of the Dog Brewery
  • Beer lovers and beer lovers only are welcome at the Hair of the Dog Brewery. That said, if you want to get a crash course on brewing – most of which will fly over your head with words like 'yeast' and 'strain' – go ahead and give this brewery a whirl.
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Lucky Lab Brewery
  • Lucky Lab Brewery
  • When you say "micro breweries", the next words many Portlanders think of are "Lucky" and "Lab". Although dogs and beer don't seem to correspond (the ridiculous painting of dogs playing poker...
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  • MacTarnahan's
  • Located in one of the few remaining large urban industrial districts in the United States, MacTarnahan's Taproom offers a variety of delicious, locally-brewed craft beers in a fun, friendly, and...
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New Old Lompoc
  • New Old Lompoc
  • On a warm, sun-drenched summer day in Portland, there may be no better place to refuel your energy than the New Old Lompoc brewery. Named after a bar in an old W.C.
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  • Philadelphia's
  • Founded by Steve and Amelia Moore in 1987, a pleasant little sandwich shop off Milwaukee Avenue in the relaxing Westmoreland/Sellwood neighborhood of Portland has gained critical acclaim for its homemade sandwiches and beer.
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  • SakéOne
  • While Portland is home to a number of outstanding breweries, distilleries, and wineries, most of these focus on European-styled brews.
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Tugboat Brewing Company
  • Tugboat Brewing Company
  • Located off Ankeny Street one block south west of the Broadway and Burnside intersection in downtown Portland, this semi-hidden alley pub is downtown Portland's oldest microbrewery.
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