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Mount Tabor Park

Mount Tabor Park
Mount Tabor Park

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A marvel of 19th Century engineering, pure rain water from the Bull Run River flows through a maze of conduits and trestles for 35 miles until dumping into Portland's three main reservoirs. These reservoirs have become the mainstay of Portland and, as a result, a beautiful park was created around them in order to celebrate their historical importance as the lifeblood of Portland itself.

Located at the eastern end of Portland's Hawthorne District, Mt. Tabor Park, as well as much of its surrounding neighborhood, is located on a volcanic butte above the city. The 170-acre park effortlessly incorporates Portland's municipal reservoirs into the park as essential artistic mainstays via the use of idyllic promenades and footpaths that provide generous views of both downtown Portland as well as snowcapped Mt. Hood.

The park is often described as unobtrusive and organic as much of it is closed off to cars, and nearly all visitors explore the park on packed or unpacked trails and paved bicycle paths. At the very center of the park, the extinct volcanic cinder cone is used for free public concerts sponsored by the city as well as the Mt. Tabor Neighborhood Association.

With its richly wooded and naturalistic atmosphere, Mt. Tabor Park also attracts a lot of birdwatchers and general outdoor enthusiasts at all times of the year. Amenities at the park include a covered picnic area, expansive play area, tennis and volleyball courts, a stage and a basketball court. Many of the locals also consider the park one of the finest dog-walking parks in the city! It is maintained by the City of Portland as well as a non-profit group known as the "Friends of Mt. Tabor Park" who help to lobby and protect it.

Attraction Information

  • Hours:
  • 5am to 12am
  • Park is closed to motor vehicles all day Wednesday, and from 10pm to 5am all other days
  • Bus Stop:
  • North Park Entrance: 15-Belmont/NW 23rd to the SE 69th & Yamhill Station
  • West Park Entrance: 71-60th Ave/122nd Ave to the SE 60th & Hawthorne Station
  • Contact:
  • Location: SE 60th and Salmon Street, Portland, OR
  • Phone: 503-823-2525
  • Website:
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