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Portland Features
Portland Features

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If you need help getting the most out of Portland during a short visit, or finding that little something that "keeps Portland weird", peruse this section for a wide range of special articles that explore the city in more depth.

Portland -

Courtside with the Trail Blazers
  • Courtside with the Trail Blazers
  • The Portland Trail Blazers have stood as Oregon's lone professional sports franchise since 1995, and have long been a source of pride among Portland residents. In fact, from 1977 through 1995 the team sold out 814 consecutive home games, a record among American professional sports franchises.
Movies Filmed in Portland
  • Movies Filmed in Portland
  • A search for movies filmed in Portland returns well over 300 listings—not including the rest of the state. Most notably, Portland as a filming location has come to prominence recently with the popularity of the Twilight Saga book series.
Oregon Theme Parks
  • Oregon Theme Parks
  • Worlds of imagination and wonder await you in Oregon's theme parks. Oaks Amusement Park and Enchanted Forest are two of Oregon's most popular theme park destinations.
Portland's Best Eats
  • Portland's Best Eats
  • Nationally renowned among food enthusiasts, Portland's restaurant scene boasts such a large variety of eateries that choosing can daunt even the fearless.
Top 10 Photo Ops
  • Top 10 Photo Ops
  • You point your camera to capture golden yellows, sleek architecture, lush, money-colored trees, eclectic revelry, fire red. All these sights are abundant in Portland, an eccentric, sustainable, genuinely aesthetically-pleasing city that dazzles the lens.

Portland - Categories

Best of Portland
  • Best of Portland
  • From sampling the freshly baked delicacies at Voodoo Donuts, to strolling through the urban Pearl District, to sipping some of the tastiest beer in the Northwest at Bridgeport Brewery, this...
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Day Trips from Portland
Free in Portland
  • Free in Portland
  • Before the current economic recession took its toll on Oregon's employment rates, thus discouraging out-of-staters from relocating, Portland held the odd distinction among U.S. cities of attracting the highest rate of individuals moving to a new city without employment.
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