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Multnomah Village

Multnomah Village
Multnomah Village

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Nestled amongst the suburban sprawls of Portland's West Hills sits a cozy little village eclectic in its assortment of charming specialty shops, galleries, antiques, restaurants, coffee shops, and more. Just five minutes from downtown, Multnomah Village is a shopper's paradise for those who enjoy leisurely strolling from shop to shop in the hopes of obtaining something unique and distinctive in the smart, art-filled area that is Southwest Portland.

From its humble beginnings as a tiny railroad stop for Portlanders traveling north or south, the neighborhood has become a worthy destination for locally made products. Each establishment within the neighborhood takes pride in creating a product that is not only of the highest quality, but also of a certain exceptionality that makes it unique to the area. For example, Thinker Toys, a delightful toy store that has been in Multnomah Village for close to 15 years, offers toys that inspire children to learn while still encouraging fun, clearly a manifestation of the edifying attitude of the neighborhood's residents.

Like Thinker Toys, the other businesses in the village have a certain practical yet dynamic character that can be seen in the products they sell. Annie Bloom's Books, a book lover's paradise, has a broad range of titles across many genres, including an amazing fiction section that makes leaving hard for anyone with an imagination. Post Hip CD's, an odd music store that sits between the ages of vinyl plastic and digital mp3s, offers a diverse music selection with a specific focus on 1970s jazz. Even the local pub, the Lucky Lab, offers customary goods in a special way with its Solar Flare Ale, created through the first ever sun-powered brewing process, and Village Vegan pizza, with toppings derived from the local community garden's harvest.

You can find almost anything in Multnomah Village that you can find in a mall, but in a more personal and specialized way that is reflective of the intelligent and artistic nature of the area. Furthermore, the compactness and orderliness of the buildings give the village a small-town feel.

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  • Hours depend on the nature of the business establishment. Most shops and restaurants, however, are open from 8am to 10pm, while most bars are open from 11am to 1am
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  • Location: SW Capitol Highway between SW Vermont St and SW Multnomah Blvd
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