Your Destination Guide to San Diego

Destination Guide San Diego - Your Destination Guide to San Diego, CA

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Couch potatoes in San Diego? I don't think so…not with such great beaches and bike trails and disc golf courses and sailing and hiking and golfing and volleyball and…you get the picture.

San Diego | Recreation

  • Ballooning
  • San Diego by air is spectacular, and there are several vendors offering hot air balloon or biplane rides over the city.
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Beach Volleyball
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Well gee, if the recent Olympics had been held in San Diego instead of Beijing, there would have been no need to import all that sand just to play beach volleyball… The point being that San Diego is the perfect place for a lot of things, but especially just right for volleyball.
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  • Biking
  • San Diego's got everything you could want if you're heading out on a bike: bike lanes, bike paths, flat landscapes, mountainous trails, beach rides, bay scenes, and on and on.
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Bird Watching
  • Bird Watching
  • Birds clearly find San Diego a paradise, which of course makes it a paradise for those who wish to observe them. More than 480 different species are found in San Diego County, more than in any other county in the United States.
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Disc Golf
  • Disc Golf
  • Get your golf fix, but avoid the high cost of green fees and clubs. The only thing you need for disc golf are some relatively cheap plastic discs (ranging from $10 at the low end to upwards of $30 for the professional quality discs) or even just a good old Frisbee to play a round or two.
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  • Fishing
  • Anglers have a wide variety of opportunities to ply their craft in the San Diego area, from bays to public piers to lakes. World-renowned for the world's largest largemouth bass, as well as blue...
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  • Golfing
  • Rare is the day in San Diego where conditions aren't perfect for a great golf game, and San Diego's course lineup takes full advantage of nature's bounty, featuring over 90 courses across the region in every imaginable setting.
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  • Hiking
  • Whether you want to get out on your own or find an organized hike, your options are limited only by your time.
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  • Tennis
  • Looking for a game of tennis? You're in luck, many hotels have their own courts, but if yours doesn't, you'll find quite a few public courts throughout San Diego. Listed below are the most popular, centrally located courts.
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Whale Watching
  • Whale Watching
  • The San Diego coast lies along the superhighway of whale migration, with 200 gray whales passing by each day during their 10,000 mile journey from the Arctic Sea to Baja California and back.
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  • Yoga
  • Fitness fads may come and go, but it is safe to say that yoga, practiced for over 5,000 years, is here to stay.
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