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At the heart of the Southern California lifestyle is a day at the beach. With San Diego's miles of coastline featuring wide expanses of sandy shore, much of it nestled under majestic cliffs, going to the beach has been elevated to an art form. Whether you walk, jog, or bicycle; swim, float, or snorkel; tan or wear 45 SPF sunscreen, or engage in any of a number of coastal sports possible, there is a beach for you in San Diego.

San Diego | Beaches

Beaches of Encinitas
  • Beaches of Encinitas
  • When picturing San Diego, a common scene is one of miles of sandy beaches filled with surfers and sunbathers. Located about a half-hour north of downtown are the beaches of Encinitas, which fulfill this dream flawlessly.
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Beaches of Leucadia
  • Beaches of Leucadia
  • Explore the beaches of Leucadia, known for outstanding sunset views, and located in relatively undeveloped areas of North County San Diego. Ponto Beach, in particular, is located just across Highway 101 from Batiquitos Lagoon, away from the bustle of residential Leucadia.
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Black's Beach
  • Black's Beach
  • Black's Beach, also called Torrey Pines, is a unique beach located at the base of red-hued, 300-foot high sandstone cliffs, south of Del Mar and north of La Jolla.
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Cardiff Beach
  • Cardiff Beach
  • Located alongside one of San Diego's smallest beach towns are the beaches of Cardiff. These few miles nestle directly up to Highway 101, making Cardiff a convenient stop for tourists and surfers.
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Carlsbad State Beach
  • Carlsbad State Beach
  • Sprawling across the coast of north county San Diego are the beaches of Carlsbad. Stretching from the south-end campsites to the north-end bordering Carlsbad Village are many different types of beaches to explore within a relatively small area.
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Children's Pool
  • Children's Pool
  • The Children's Pool in La Jolla was originally created with a concrete breakwater to be a swimming area for children, but sand has filled in much of the area inside the wall, and seals and sea lions...
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Fiesta Island
  • Fiesta Island
  • Fiesta Island is a large man-made island on the eastern side of Mission Bay that is used for just about everything. There is a safe beach where dogs can run unleashed for miles, and their owners can hike, bicycle, rollerblade and Frisbee.
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La Jolla Cove
  • La Jolla Cove
  • La Jolla Cove is a small beach that has the distinction of being one the most photographed in Southern California due to its extraordinary beauty. The beach and its deep water bay were formed between sandstone cliffs, where multiple fascinating sea caves help form a perfect habitat for marine life.
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La Jolla Shores
  • La Jolla Shores
  • An outstanding mile-long sandy beach with a wide boardwalk, La Jolla Shores is known for its gentle waves, proximity to the charming town of La Jolla, and its own special ambiance featuring white...
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Mission Bay Beaches
  • Mission Bay Beaches
  • Mission Bay includes 27 miles of shoreline with numerous parks, beaches, islands and coves, restaurants and resorts.
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Mission Beach
  • Mission Beach
  • It's safe to say that Mission Beach is to San Diego's beaches like the color red is to the rainbow: riotous, loud, and clearly enjoying it.
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North Pacific Beach
  • North Pacific Beach
  • Like Pacific Beach to the south, North Pacific Beach attracts large crowds of beachgoers in the summer, and extends approximately one mile from the north end of the community of Pacific Beach to the south end of the community of La Jolla.
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Ocean Beach
  • Ocean Beach
  • Ocean Beach, known affectionately as "OB" to the locals, is situated between the San Diego River and the hills of Point Loma in the community of Ocean Beach. Aside from the scenic beauty and white...
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Pacific Beach
  • Pacific Beach
  • The quintessential Southern California beach, Pacific Beach is the favorite haunt of students and young people seeking fun in the sun in the best San Diegan style.
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San Onofre State Beach
  • San Onofre State Beach
  • Far from the residential and commercial areas of San Diego County in the northernmost end of the county, beautiful San Onofre State Beach is unknown even by some locals.
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Solana Beach
  • Solana Beach
  • Neighbored by homes rather than resorts, Solana Beach has yet to be discovered the thousands of tourists that flock to San Diego each summer, still maintaining a reputation as a small beach town.
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South Mission Beach
  • South Mission Beach
  • South Mission Beach takes a slower look on life than its northern neighbor, Mission Beach. Its beach is considered the widest in the city and it has recently become known as a popular place for beach volleyball and basketball, since the courts were updated.
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Windansea Beach
  • Windansea Beach
  • Windansea Beach in La Jolla, with its beautiful sandy beach and sandstone cliffs, is a long-time home to serious surfers, due to its powerful surfbreak.
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