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Hanging out in suburban San Diego is different from L.A. Instead of punkers, Goths, and trendsetters at a mall, you might find bohemian campers, hardcore bass fishers, and waterskiing wizards at a lake. There are a good number to choose from, depending on your needs, and most are stocked full with fish regularly. Other options for lakeside leisure are hiking, boating, tubing, and wildlife watching. You'll be a return customer in no time.

San Diego | Lakes

Barrett Lake
  • Barrett Lake
  • This is one nature attraction you need a ticket for. Barrett Reservoir is unique among the San Diego lakes in that access is by reservation only in order to preserve the fish and increase the quality of the fishing experience.
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Dixon Lake
  • Dixon Lake
  • How can a fish with a beauty mark be such a monster? In recent years, Lake Dixon has become a place of fishing lore. In 2001, a 20 lb. 12 oz. bass was caught and identified by the large black mole on her chin. In 2003, the same bass was hooked, a colossus weighing in at almost 22lbs.
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El Capitan Reservoir
  • El Capitan Reservoir
  • You'll be saluting the day when you visit El Capitan Reservoir. This is the largest lake in San Diego, and with water stretching as far as the eye can see, El Capitan is a limitless playground for aquatic fun.
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Lake Cuyamaca
  • Lake Cuyamaca
  • How long has it been since you really enjoyed nature? Since you took the time not only to smell the pine trees, but also to fall sleep among them? Luckily, you are in (or are about to be in) San...
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Lake Henshaw
  • Lake Henshaw
  • Amenities are defiantly included at this lakeside retreat. Henshaw is perfect for less extreme campers; the ones that prefer cabins equipped with heat (and cookware, a hot shower, fridge and coffee maker,) offering a comfortable nature stay at the foot of the Palomar Mountains.
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Lake Jennings
  • Lake Jennings
  • Rolling hills, prancing deer, tree-hugging bobcats, cartoonish coyotes…who needs the Wild Animal Park when you have Lake Jennings? Wildlife watching is prolific here, and Lake Jennings offers the...
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Lake Morena
  • Lake Morena
  • Need to get up to Canada? The Pacific Crest Trail runs right through Lake Morena, but if you are not feeling up to the entire 2,500-mile trek, you can wave to the thru-hikers starting on their journey, or just join them for the day.
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Lake Murray
  • Lake Murray
  • One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. The worms aren't happy about it, but there are plenty of (colorful) fish in this lake.
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Lake Poway
  • Lake Poway
  • The crisp smell of eucalyptus is an invigorating reminder of why being outdoors is so beneficial to our health. And if San Diegans have a say in what it means to be healthy, it would include frequent visits to Lake Poway for nourishment.
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Lake Sutherland
  • Lake Sutherland
  • Lake Sutherland is well known in fishing and hunting circles, yet remains an uncongested nature spot in the Palomar Mountains. The reservoir is surrounded by Indian reservations and National Forest land, preserving the calm beauty of the chaparral for the enjoyment of the observant visitor.
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Lake Wohlford
  • Lake Wohlford
  • The tranquil surface of Lake Wohlford is a deceptive veil atop the frenzied action of fish below. With 190 acres stocked with trout, largemouth bass and catfish, this spot is pure dreamland for fishermen.
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