Your Destination Guide to San Diego

Destination Guide San Diego - Your Destination Guide to San Diego, CA

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The essence of a place, like the smell of the sea or the tang of a lemon, is the "why" behind all travel. To leave our homes and to discover new textures, tastes, and the lilt of a different dialect or language brings us the sense of both our universality as human beings, and the marvelous ways in which we differ.

In this section, we offer a little bit of that essence for each DGuide city. Read the Overview for flavor, and the History for context. If you're considering a move, get local detail from Relocation, and see Related Links for even more background.

San Diego Information

  • History
  • San Diego has been inhabited by humans for perhaps 20,000 years along the coast, and 12,000 years in the desert. The primary Native American people to settle in San Diego's coastal and inland regions were the Kumeyaay, seasonal hunters and gatherers.
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  • Overview
  • San Diego, California's second largest city, anchors the state's border with Mexico, taking the best from both its northern big-city neighbor Los Angeles, and the culture and foods of Mexico to...
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  • Relocation
  • This section provides a list of relevant agencies and organizations that can help you in your move, including some useful tools such as cost of living calculators. Relocation Links 1.
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Site Map
  • Site Map
  • Use this page to navigate our site. A primary goal of DGuides is to provide useful and descriptive information quickly, so if you have suggestions for how we can improve the organization of our site,...
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