Your Destination Guide to San Diego

Destination Guide San Diego - Your Destination Guide to San Diego, CA

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Parks and Gardens Map

San Diego Map
San Diego Map

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The buzz of bees, the crisp air, the cool shadows, the sunny slopes. Visiting one of San Diego's many parks and gardens is a great exit strategy in the event of city overload. The variety of plantlife and even climates is astounding. Consider the Quail Botanical Gardens, a veritable paradise of 3,000 plant varieties thriving in zones ranging from the high desert to a tropical rainforest. The famous Balboa Park, San Diego's crown jewel, encompasses numerous landscaped and garden areas, as well as several gardens famous on their own, such as the Japanese Friendship Garden. To enjoy a less manicured experience, try Mission Trails or Palomar, both offering natural forested areas great for camping, picnicking, and hiking.

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