Your Destination Guide to San Francisco

Destination Guide San Francisco - Your Destination Guide to San Francisco, CA

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San Francisco has so many attractions, you can't turn a corner without bumping into one. From the iconic Golden Gate Bridge to the murals in the Mission, this city rewards visitors with hundreds of sights and a density of museums matched only in Washington D.C. Due to the city's compact size, getting around to see all the attractions should be the easy part of your trip.

San Francisco Attractions

  • Beaches
  • Except for those that live here, it might come as a surprise that San Francisco is a great beach destination. The leaves-something-to-be-desired weather might have something to do with that, but the beaches are one of San Francisco's best-kept secrets.
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  • Historic
  • San Francisco abounds with attractions as rich as its history. Grand mansions stand majestically on hilltops as reminders of the city's elegant past, while historic saloons dominate the same corners they have for over 100 years.
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  • Murals
  • A walk through San Francisco streets and alleys offers more than just a way from point A to B, but the city walls are canvases painted with colorful beauty that narrate the social struggles and...
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  • Museums
  • With a bevy of museums catering to a wide spectrum of interests, San Francisco has carved out its cozy little niche in the world of renowned cultural institutions. Leading the way are the Fine Arts Museum (housed in the Legion of Honor and the de Young Museum) and the Museum of Modern Art.
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