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Destination Guide San Francisco - Your Destination Guide to San Francisco, CA

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Zoos, Aquariums and Theme Parks

Zoos, Aquariums and Theme Parks
Zoos, Aquariums and Theme Parks

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Zoos, aquariums and theme parks are always a hit with the old, young and everyone in between with their thrill-seeking roller coasters, interactive exhibits, intriguing underworld and furry friends.

San Francisco | Zoos, Aquariums and Theme Parks

Aquarium of the Bay
  • Aquarium of the Bay
  • See. Touch. Discover. Learn. Enter a world with marine animals local to San Francisco Aquarium of the Bay, where its glorious setting exposes visitors to underwater life at its finest. The aquarium affords you the opportunity to see underwater life in ideal conditions.
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House of Air
  • House of Air
  • If you're looking to jump, bounce, crash, and spin, head over San Francisco's House of Air (HOA).
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San Francisco Zoo
  • San Francisco Zoo
  • A flurry of excitement erupts from the island. The crowd of penguins swim around satisfied after zookeepers throw tiny fish into eager beaks. An everyday scene at the San Francisco Zoo, this early afternoon feeding allows visitors to witness animals in action, not merely sleeping behind a fence.
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