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If you don’t like old-growth forests or mountain ranges, rocky beaches or incandescent glacial lakes, you probably won’t like the Pacific Northwest. Likewise, if you have an aversion to biking, running, kayaking, rock climbing, hiking, backpacking, or camping. Who cares about all that tantalizing water, all those rugged mountain ridges, all that rainforest, all those miles of public paths? Oh, wait. Everyone.

Seattle | Recreation

  • Backpacking
  • The backpackers of today do not differ much from the hippie backpackers of the '60s and '70s who were looking to travel cheaply, for long periods of time, and with as few material possessions as possible.
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  • Biking
  • It is a notable and rare city that can weave together pungent green forest, lakefront paths, sandy beaches, and bustling city streets into a single day’s experience. Even more auspicious is the opportunity to see and smell these natural and urban wonders from the seat of a bicycle.
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  • Boating
  • It is safe to say that without water, without boats, Seattle would not exist. Perched on the edge of one of the largest estuary systems in the world, Seattle's history, function, and culture have relied on sleek canoes, rugged sailboats, and tenacious tugs.
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  • Camping
  • Awake to the sound of rain pattering on nylon, of waves crashing against a rocky bluff, or of small sub-alpine songbirds.
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  • Climbing
  • By nature, Washington nurtures a sense of adventure—and oftentimes stupidity. Because of this, visitors to the Evergreen State will encounter no shortage of daredevil rock climbing opportunities.
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Ferries and Cruises
  • Ferries and Cruises
  • The first Saturday in May of each year marks the opening day of Seattle’s boating season. The waters of Elliot Bay, Lake Union, and Lake Washington fill with vessels of every size as the residents...
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Glass Blowing
  • Glass Blowing
  • In his book Notes from a Small Island, travel writer Bill Bryson postulates on the invention of glass, which results from the melting of sand, sodium carbonate, lime, and other chemicals into a hot liquid.
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  • Golfing
  • Creating golf is simple: one part smell of fresh-cut grass, two parts happiness from a crushed drive down the fairway, and three parts sheer frustration of another putt sent streaking by the hole.
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  • Hiking
  • With so many hiking opportunities in the Pacific Northwest, choosing your ideal trail can be a bit daunting. Luckily, with such pristine and wild landscapes as Olympic National Park and North Cascade National Park, there is no such thing as a lesser trail.
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Ride the Ducks Tours
  • Ride the Ducks Tours
  • Before you roll your eyes at the phrase “city tour” picture the following scene. A WWII amphibious vehicle gently slides into rolling silver waves and floats off into the mid-afternoon sun.
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Skiing and Snowboarding
  • Skiing and Snowboarding
  • With snow-covered mountains almost always within your line of sight, Seattle makes a great jumping off point for the popular winter sports of skiing and snowboarding. And for good reason, as Washington’s area ski and snowboard resorts continue to claim distinguishing reviews.
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  • Yoga
  • With creative and suggestive names like The Sweatbox, 8 Limbs, Whole Life, and Shakti Vinyasa, Seattle’s yoga studios aim to lure in inquisitive clientele.
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