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The University District keeps Seattle locals feeling young and hip. Bainbridge Island makes for a perfect weekend getaway. Magnolia offers a little bit of flair to an otherwise ordinary neighborhood. If you’re looking to settle down in a home or just exploring the area, Seattle’s variety caters to all kinds of tastes.

Seattle | Areas

Bainbridge Island
  • Bainbridge Island
  • The wondrous views of the Olympic Mountains, Mount Rainier, and Seattle’s skyline make the 35-minute ferry ride from Seattle to Bainbridge Island seem like an experience of its own.
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  • Ballard
  • Until it reluctantly agreed to annexation by Seattle in 1907, Ballard was a city in its own right, and the neighborhood retains its independent spirit to this day.
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Beacon Hill
  • Beacon Hill
  • Named for Boston’s Beacon Hill, this neighborhood in southeast Seattle is anything but a copycat. The top of this 350-foot incline affords views of downtown, the First Hill neighborhood, the Rainier Valley, and Mt.
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Capitol Hill
  • Capitol Hill
  • Capitol Hill is the epicenter of Seattle’s counterculture—a community east of the downtown business district pulsing with artists and hipsters.
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Downtown Seattle
  • Downtown Seattle
  • Downtown Seattle is literature, from its magnetic waterfront parks to its stunning architecture. With bars, cafes, and bookstores packed into each block and a view of the water from the top of every...
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  • Fremont
  • Though one of the smallest and most condensed neighborhoods in Seattle, any Fremont resident will tell you that their corner of the city is the “center of the universe.” The neighborhood slogan may seem prideful, but it is not completely unfounded.
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Green Lake
  • Green Lake
  • An oasis of sparkling water, an exercise mecca and the green eye of the Emerald City, Green Lake isn't just another body of water in Seattle. Green Lake is a place to recharge the body, mind and spirit.
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International District
  • International District
  • Today’s International District southeast of downtown Seattle is a far cry from the race riot-ravaged neighborhood of the 1880s.
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Lake City
  • Lake City
  • Once a haven for speakeasies, underground dealings, and shady men, Lake City has done its time and now ranks as one of the most rapidly growing neighborhoods in Seattle.
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  • Magnolia
  • Seattle’s second largest neighborhood has been living a lie since the 1790s. While exploring the region by boat, British Royal Navy officer George Vancouver described in the ship’s log the abundance of magnolia trees dotting the nearby peninsula.
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  • Northgate
  • Northgate has seen several facelifts and renovations in recent years. Once the site of a dilapidated mall and failing specialty shops, Northgate has become one of the best shopping and dining destinations in Seattle.
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Pioneer Square
  • Pioneer Square
  • At the southern end of the city, Pioneer Square has the distinct privilege of being as much fun below ground as it is above.
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South End
  • South End
  • Seattle’s South End comprises neighborhoods that are the often neglected offspring of a city whose pulsing downtown is frequented by tourists who rarely give a second thought to what lies south of the central hub.
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University District
  • University District
  • Standing in the heart of the U-District, you’re assaulted by sights, smells and activity. Double-long buses whoosh in and out of narrow streets.
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  • Wallingford
  • A stroll through Seattle’s Wallingford neighborhood feels more like a stroll down Main Street, USA.
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