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Set foot inside any self-respecting watering hole in Seattle and take a look behind the bar. A row of beer taps is set amidst backlit bottles of liquor and stacks of sparkling glasses. Each tap handle bears the name of the beer’s creator and most are proudly displaying the beverage’s local heritage. As integral to Seattle as coffee and the space needle, microbreweries and craft beer makers are found throughout the city. Read our Seattle Microbreweries Feature here.

Seattle | Breweries

Elliott Bay Brewing Company
  • Elliott Bay Brewing Company
  • From one brewing company to the next, Todd Carden and Brent Norton began their friendship working for Maritime Pacific Brewing Co. before deciding to tackle the next exciting step and open their own pub.
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Fremont Brewing Company
  • Fremont Brewing Company
  • In the Seattle neighborhood of Fremont, the self-proclaimed “center of the universe,” it’s all about the green—green beer that is. But don’t worry—unlike the Chicago River on St. Patrick’s Day, we’re not talking literally green.
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Georgetown Brewing Company
  • Georgetown Brewing Company
  • Operating on the philosophy that “good beer equals happiness,” Georgetown Brewing Company (GBC) is a two-man venture with a simple but lofty goal: drink more beer.
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Pike Brewing Company
  • Pike Brewing Company
  • Although it had the tallest smokestack, The Pike Brewing Company remained one of the country’s smallest breweries. With small details and stories similar to this fact, Pike Brewing boasts a prestigious background.
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Pyramid Brewing Company
  • Pyramid Brewing Company
  • The Pyramid Brewing Company Alehouse is located right across the street from Safeco Field, almost within foul ball territory, making it a favorite pre-game watering hole for Seattle Mariners fans.
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