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Historical and Cultural

Historical and Cultural
Historical and Cultural

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Whether you’re a history buff or just enjoy learning little-known facts, Seattle is the destination for historical and cultural attractions. The Children’s Museum is a great place for kids; they will find themselves engaged in fun while gaining knowledge at the same time. The Museum of History and Industry offers the hard facts on Seattle’s past while the Seattle Asian Art Museum, among other art museums, showcases the creativity and diversity of Seattle.

Seattle | Historical and Cultural

Central Library
  • Central Library
  • Maybe it’s something about the long, gray winters, but the people of Seattle really do love a good book. The city is consistently named one of the most literate in the country, and independent bookstores continue to thrive in Seattle neighborhoods.
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Columbia Center
  • Columbia Center
  • Columbia Center might lack the personality of Seattle’s other skyscraping landmark—the Space Needle. But what it lacks in charm it certainly makes up for in scale.
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Fremont Troll
  • Fremont Troll
  • The Fremont neighborhood in Seattle— self-proclaimed the “Center of the Universe”— hosts its share of quirky events and attractions, including a giant statue of Lenin that was originally...
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Original Starbucks
  • Original Starbucks
  • At 1912 Pike Place, a steady stream of tourists, fishmongers, and shoppers pour into a weathered doorway off a rough cobblestone street. As quickly as they cram into this small storefront in Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market, they emerge with white paper cups trailing distinct aromas.
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Pike Place Market
  • Pike Place Market
  • More than just a big red sign and a few flying fish, Pike Place Market is an elaborate and historic center for trade. Its humble creation, just after the turn of the century, was born from a desire to save money through direct connections between farmers and their customers.
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Port of Seattle
  • Port of Seattle
  • To say that the Port of Seattle supports the city’s tourism and fishing industries would be a profound understatement.
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Seattle Pacific University
  • Seattle Pacific University
  • Located on Queen Anne Hill, just 10 minutes northwest of downtown Seattle, with 43 acres for students and faculty to roam, Seattle Pacific University is nearly 120 years old.
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Seattle Streetcar
  • Seattle Streetcar
  • In 1884, the first horse-drawn streetcar began carrying passengers down 2nd Avenue in downtown Seattle. Three years later, after it became clear that horses would be unable to manage the city’s sizable hills, cable cars and electric streetcars took over.
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Space Needle
  • Space Needle
  • Standing at the top of the tallest observation deck in Washington State, you can look out across the Puget Sound to see Bainbridge Island and the Olympic Peninsula. If you turn to the left, the statuesque Mount Rainier is right before your eyes.
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The Gum Wall
  • The Gum Wall
  • Unexpected Productions’ Seattle Theatresports started a tradition in 1993 when members used their gum as adhesive to stick coins to the Market Theater Wall next to its box office.
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The Waterfront
  • The Waterfront
  • A green and white ferry boat floats across glittering Elliot Bay, its horn sounding as it pulls away from the dock. Seagulls glide and dip, looking for fried handouts from tourists at the fish-and-chip bar.
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Tillicum Village
  • Tillicum Village
  • People of the Coast Salish Tribe hold firm to their unique traditions while encompassing modern practices. At Tillicum Village, the natives invite everyone to share what they enjoy and value in their lives.
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Underground Tour
  • Underground Tour
  • Hidden beneath the concrete buildings and asphalt streets in Pioneer Square are a series of underground passageways that were once the first-floor storefronts and streets of downtown Seattle. All that you see in Pioneer Square today is located 15 to 30 feet above the original street grade.
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