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The 48-foot-tall kinetic Hammering Man statue outside the Seattle Art Museum says it well - as does Seattle’s vast repository of paintings, sculptures, photography, oriental and Native American art, and ancient artifacts that can conquer even the most stubborn case of boredom. In a city with a directory of museums that almost rivals the number of mathematicians since 1700 BC, odds are you’re bound to find several—or several hundred—exhibits that speak to you.

Seattle | Museums

Burke Museum of Natural and Cultural History
Center for Wooden Boats Maritime Museum
  • Center for Wooden Boats Maritime Museum
  • Located on South Lake Union in the heart of Seattle, the Center for Wooden Boats (CWB) is a unique museum where visitors can see historic wooden boats, take sailing classes, rent boats, and take part in other events centered on the beauty and sport of sailing.
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Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA)
  • Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA)
  • Artist Sarah T. Skinner takes obscure, voyeuristic pictures of her own laptop. Paul Tonnes gleans inspiration for his visual art from a four-inch scar on his abdomen. Holly A. Senn plays with texture by tearing strips of paper from discarded library books.
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Experience Music Project
  • Experience Music Project
  • There aren’t many places where you can view both Disney animation storyboards and Britney Spears’ red “Oops!...I Did it Again” jumpsuit under one roof.
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Frye Art Museum
  • Frye Art Museum
  • You may have never heard of the Frye Art Museum, but don’t let its status as Seattle’s less famous art museum keep you away. The overlooked Frye is worth visiting both for its collection of late-nineteenth-and early-twentieth-century Western European art, and because admission is free.
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Henry Art Gallery
  • Henry Art Gallery
  • An evening stroll down 15th Avenue NE, near the University of Washington, yields fairly typical views of the traditional brick-and-mortar edifices of campus buildings. Continue walking and you are likely to see something strange.
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Museum of Flight
  • Museum of Flight
  • Orville and Wilbur Wright might have made their first flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, but Seattle, due mostly to the success of local airplane manufacturer Boeing, has earned the nickname...
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Museum of History and Industry
  • Museum of History and Industry
  • Double-tall caramel macchiato. Boeing 787 jetliners. Mount Rainer. These Emerald City trademarks may be the first to come to mind when you think about Seattle, but they are only a few among hundreds of famous and fascinating checkpoints along Seattle’s colorful history.
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Nordic Heritage Museum
  • Nordic Heritage Museum
  • The only museum of its kind in the United States, the Nordic Heritage Museum celebrates the culture, legacy, and history of the Scandinavian immigrants who came to the Pacific Northwest in the nineteenth century.
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Pacific Science Center
  • Pacific Science Center
  • If you’ve ever wanted to explore a naked mole rat habitat up close, ride a bicycle on a wire 15 feet off the ground, or stand in the footprint of a giant duckbill dinosaur, the Pacific Science Center might be just the place for you.
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Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame
  • Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame
  • It’s a good thing that the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame (SFMHF), located in a building listed by Forbes Magazine as one of the ten ugliest structures in the world, has more than its looks to fall back on.
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Seattle Art Museum
  • Seattle Art Museum
  • Towering 48 feet above the sidewalk at First and University in downtown Seattle, the statue known as Hammering Man marks the Seattle Art Museum entrance. Making his first appearance in 1992, the Hammering Man was created by Jonathan Borofsky in tribute to the working people of the world.
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Seattle Children's Museum
Seattle Metropolitan Police Museum
  • Seattle Metropolitan Police Museum
  • There are probably parents out there just itching to send their unruly children to jail for a day. Thanks to the Seattle Metropolitan Police Museum in the heart of Pioneer Square, now they...
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Wing Luke Museum
  • Wing Luke Museum
  • In 1930, a six-year-old Chinese boy named Wing Luke moved to Seattle with his immigrant parents who opened first a laundry facility, then a grocery store. Young Luke had an interest in politics throughout high school until he was drafted into the army in his senior year.
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