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Parks, Gardens and Beaches

Parks, Gardens and Beaches
Parks, Gardens and Beaches

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Seattleites may not have as many chances to bask in the sunshine as do cacti in Death Valley, but they certainly know how to enjoy the rays when they do appear. With miles of shoreline, acres of native and exotic flora, and hundreds of parks (there are 100 just beginning with letters A – D), visitors would have to be six feet under before the opportunities ceased.

Seattle | Parks, Gardens and Beaches

Alki Beach Park
  • Alki Beach Park
  • Golden sunsets with an ethereal orange and red glow warm the white sand of Alki Beach while joggers, bicyclists, and rollerbladers travel down Alki Avenue.
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Ballard Locks
  • Ballard Locks
  • The Ballard Locks turn engineers into tour guides, saltwater into freshwater, and salmon into courageous fighters. Combining education with entertainment, the Ballard Locks are one of the most unique destinations in Seattle. The Ballard Locks, known officially as the Hiram M.
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Carkeek Park
  • Carkeek Park
  • If there was ever any doubt that Pacific Northwesterners are serious about environmentalism, Carkeek Park, in the northwest neighborhood of Broadview, is proof positive.
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Discovery Park
  • Discovery Park
  • Discovery Park is a nature preserve of numbers: two miles of protected tidal beaches, 12 miles of walking trails, 270 species of birds, and 534 acres of meadows, forests, streams, bluffs, and sand dunes.
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Freeway Park
  • Freeway Park
  • The green spaces and flowing fountains of Freeway Park provide a place to sit and relax right in the middle of downtown Seattle. This city park overlooks Seattle’s financial district to the west and is bordered by First Hill to the east.
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Gasworks Park
  • Gasworks Park
  • A former gas production facility might not seem the most likely place for a popular park. But Gasworks Park, populated with rusted red-metal towers that serve as a daily reminder of the park’s...
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Golden Gardens
  • Golden Gardens
  • At the edge of Seattle's northwest boundary, looking out over the rich waters of Puget Sound, Golden Gardens welcomes visitors with a sandy shoreline and open meadows. Though Seattle has many parks, playgrounds, and green spaces, few offer the carefree beach atmosphere of Golden Gardens.
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Green Lake
  • Green Lake
  • Though algae growth has been a persistent problem for this urban waterhole, don’t read too much into the name. Green Lake, a freshwater pond surrounded by grassy knolls and cherry trees, remains one of the most visited parks in the city.
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Japanese Gardens
  • Japanese Gardens
  • Enter a world of enchanted order inside the Japanese Gardens. Within this oriental landscape, nothing is out of place; yet as a whole the gardens are entirely at odds with the world around them. Babbling brooks replace car horns and simple gravel paths substitute for crowded sidewalks.
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Kubota Garden
  • Kubota Garden
  • In 1927, skilled landscaper and gardener Fujitaro Kubota envisioned sharing his Japanese heritage with the citizens of Seattle through his love of gardening and landscaping.
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Lake Union
  • Lake Union
  • Thirty-four-foot-deep Lake Union is the wading pool of the Puget Sound region, having once been called “Small Lake” by local Duwamish Indians.
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Lake Washington
  • Lake Washington
  • Lake Washington is about as long and lanky as lakes go, curling like a wisp of smoke past the cities of Kenmore, Kirkland, Bellevue, Seattle, and Renton. It is a ribbon lake, owing its narrow shape to erosion caused by glacial flow.
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Lincoln Park
  • Lincoln Park
  • Lincoln Park, built in the 1850s, covers 135 wooded acres of West Seattle, making it one of the city’s oldest and largest parks.
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Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park
  • Though Martin Luther King Jr. visited Seattle only once, in 1961, he made a lasting impression. Thirty years later, a public park, dedicated to the civil rights leader’s achievements, joined the...
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Myrtle Edwards Park
  • Myrtle Edwards Park
  • Don’t be fooled by the size of diametrically challenged Myrtle Edwards Park: This slender 4.8-acre plot flanking Elliott Bay is a veritable oasis of grass, beach, and pinch-me vistas. Be sure to bring an insatiable appetite for such landmarks as Puget Sound, Mt.
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Olympic Sculpture Park
  • Olympic Sculpture Park
  • Venture down to the Seattle Art Museum’s most recent addition, the Olympic Sculpture Park, a nine-acre stretch of waterfront lawn that houses a permanent collection of inspiring sculptures.
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Puget Sound
  • Puget Sound
  • Enough water is discharged into Washington State’s Puget Sound from mountain watersheds and nearby rivers and streams to fill an Olympic-size swimming pool every two seconds. That’s 41,000 cubic feet each second pumping along 2,500 miles of shoreline.
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Schmitz Preserve Park
  • Schmitz Preserve Park
  • In 1851, when a party of pioneers led by Arthur Denny landed on the shores of what is now Alki Beach, the new arrivals must have marveled at the vast, undeveloped land before them. Steep hills thick with old-growth forests filled the landscape as far as the eye could see.
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Seward Park
  • Seward Park
  • Seward Park sits on the expansive Lake Washington, the second largest lake in Washington state. The Bailey Peninsula juts 2.4 miles into the lake and over 300 acres of this peninsula compose Seward Park.
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Volunteer Park
  • Volunteer Park
  • A peaceful Capitol Hill oasis of massive trees and flowerbeds teaming with life and color, Volunteer Park is the perfect place to rest and enjoy fantastic views of the Olympic Mountains, the Puget Sound, and downtown Seattle.
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Warren G. Magnuson Park
  • Warren G. Magnuson Park
  • The arched entrance to Magnuson Park feels like a step back in time, with tall, brick buildings, rolling hills and enticing paths to woods and waterfront unmarred by urban sprawl. Nestled on the shores of glistening Lake Washington, Warren G.
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Washington Park Arboretum
  • Washington Park Arboretum
  • Navigate away from downtown distractions, past quaint neighborhoods, and beyond busy bridges to find a tranquil respite of green where open meadows are flanked by sentries of ash and pine.
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Waterfall Garden Park
  • Waterfall Garden Park
  • For a tranquil and unexpected escape from the rapid pace of Seattle’s downtown, look no further than Waterfall Garden Park. Located on 2nd Avenue in the Pioneer Square area of downtown,...
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