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Performing Arts and Venues

Performing Arts and Venues
Performing Arts and Venues

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There are two kinds of people in the world: those who are drawn to a red-headed orphan girl singing while scrubbing the floor or those who prefer the wordless power of a swan princess in a tutu. Or maybe the two kinds of people are those who swear by chamber music and those who bypass the theater in favor of a sidewalk busker. Or those who close their eyes during a symphonic crescendo and those who launch themselves into the center of a rock ‘n’ roll mosh pit. No matter who you are, Seattle’s got a show for you.

Seattle | Performing Arts and Venues

A Contemporary Theatre (ACT)
  • A Contemporary Theatre (ACT)
  • Like ATM machines (Automated Teller Machine machines) and PIN numbers (Personal Identification Number numbers), ACT Theatre (A Contemporary Theatre theater) is a victim of RAS Syndrome, or Redundant Acronym Syndrome syndrome (it’s an actual thing – look it up).
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Benaroya Hall
  • Benaroya Hall
  • The next time there’s an earthquake in Seattle, odds are you’ll want to be inside Benaroya Hall. With rubber pads cushioning the main auditorium from seismic activity and the rumble of the underground transit system, you couldn’t be safer.
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  • Neumos
  • Simply called Neumos by locals and pronounced “new moe’s,” this venue melds several entities within its walls including the restaurant Pike Street Fish Fry, a neighborhood bar named MOE BAR, and public/private space the VIP Room rented for events and parties.
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Pacific Northwest Ballet
  • Pacific Northwest Ballet
  • Leaps and bounds have brought the Pacific Northwest Ballet (PNB) to a total of 48 dancers. Starting out with just 18 dancers, the program has seen amazing growth as it has sought to enrich the...
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Paramount Theatre
  • Paramount Theatre
  • A 77-year career highlights the regard that Washington residents and visitors have for the Paramount Theatre. The architectural magnificence, unique performers, and wide array of films cater to all viewers.
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Seattle Children's Theatre
  • Seattle Children's Theatre
  • There’s only one place in Seattle where dogs can snorkel like they do in Go, Dog. Go!. Where Mr. Popper can take care of 10 baby penguins. Or where little boys can draw moons with purple crayons.
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Seattle Opera
  • Seattle Opera
  • If German composer and conductor Richard Wagner were alive today, he might swell with pride knowing that the Seattle Opera is America’s preeminent presenter of his operas.
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Seattle Symphony
  • Seattle Symphony
  • For more than a century since its inception in 1903, the Seattle Symphony has been performing at Benaroya Hall and at other venues throughout the city, playing over 220 concerts to more than 315,000 avid music enthusiasts each year.
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The 5th Avenue Theatre
  • The 5th Avenue Theatre
  • With 150 live musical performances per year, over 200,000 patrons attracted annually, and 61,000 students educated through outreach programs, the 5th Avenue Theatre racks up some impressive statistics. It is currently the largest theater employer in the Puget Sound region with over 600 employees.
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The Comedy Underground
  • The Comedy Underground
  • Jerry Seinfeld, Ellen DeGeneres, Kevin Pollack, and many more began their comedy careers on small, local stages like the Seattle Comedy Underground. Seattle locals and tourists were offered as much laughter as they could handle in 1981, when this stage became a comedy venue.
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The Green Room
  • The Green Room
  • Traditionally a green room is a room for performers waiting to go onstage and so called because they were originally painted green.
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The Sunset Tavern
  • The Sunset Tavern
  • From rock and roll to boot-tapping country, all the way from edgy punk rock to groovy hip-hop, the Sunset Tavern plays host to all genres of music, and throws in an occasional comedy show to add humor to its business.
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Tractor Tavern
  • Tractor Tavern
  • Yes, there are tractors. Well, parts of tractors. And yes, there are farm implements along the back wall and a row of cowboy boots between two of its rooms.
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