5K Foam Fest Seattle: August 3, 2013

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Get ready to have the most fun and foamiest running experience of your life! If you’re a mud run addict or an obstacle racing junkie, you’ll love the 5k Foam Fest! Dirty running is the new craze in the racing circuit today. Everybody loves getting down and dirty in mud up to their eyebrows! And what’s a little running without some fun filled obstacles? At the 5k Foam Fest, it’s not just the mud or our awesome obstacles that makes this racing experience like none other, it’s the fact that we’re the first obstacle mud race ever to include foam! Yes, glorious, sudsy, bubbly foam! So right after you get down and dirty in our mud pits—and yes we’ve got plenty of those—you can get yourselves all washed up in our fun and foamy obstacles!

The 5K Foam Fest Seattle is set to take place Saturday, August 3rd, 2013 at Lake Sammamish State Park. For more information, and to register, visit: 5kfoamfest.com/Home/Locations

5K Foam Fest