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Destination Guide Seattle - Your Destination Guide to Seattle, WA

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Best of Seattle

Best of Seattle
Best of Seattle

© Andrew E. Larsen

You’ll instantly know you’ve made the right travel choice when you arrive in Seattle, the first American city to play a Beatles song on the radio. Though the Emerald City can’t quite buy you love, it will bombard your senses with what it can offer: “flying” fish and the aroma of freshly cut flowers from historic Pike Place Market; the 605-foot, 9,550-ton Space Needle; miles of scintillating waterfront. Oh, and views of the Olympic and Cascade mountains so crisp and ethereal that you’ll wish you never had to blink.

Seattle | Best of Seattle

  • Backpacking
  • The backpackers of today do not differ much from the hippie backpackers of the '60s and '70s who were looking to travel cheaply, for long periods of time, and with as few material possessions as possible.
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Experience Music Project
  • Experience Music Project
  • There aren’t many places where you can view both Disney animation storyboards and Britney Spears’ red “Oops!...I Did it Again” jumpsuit under one roof.
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Explore the San Juan Islands
  • Explore the San Juan Islands
  • Ranked #2 on the New York Times’s list of “Best Places to Visit in 2011,” the San Juan Islands are as close to perfection as you’re likely to ever come.
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Ferries and Cruises
  • Ferries and Cruises
  • The first Saturday in May of each year marks the opening day of Seattle’s boating season. The waters of Elliot Bay, Lake Union, and Lake Washington fill with vessels of every size as the residents...
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  • Hiking
  • With so many hiking opportunities in the Pacific Northwest, choosing your ideal trail can be a bit daunting. Luckily, with such pristine and wild landscapes as Olympic National Park and North Cascade National Park, there is no such thing as a lesser trail.
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Pacific Science Center
  • Pacific Science Center
  • If you’ve ever wanted to explore a naked mole rat habitat up close, ride a bicycle on a wire 15 feet off the ground, or stand in the footprint of a giant duckbill dinosaur, the Pacific Science Center might be just the place for you.
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Pike Place Market
  • Pike Place Market
  • More than just a big red sign and a few flying fish, Pike Place Market is an elaborate and historic center for trade. Its humble creation, just after the turn of the century, was born from a desire to save money through direct connections between farmers and their customers.
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Puget Sound
  • Puget Sound
  • Enough water is discharged into Washington State’s Puget Sound from mountain watersheds and nearby rivers and streams to fill an Olympic-size swimming pool every two seconds. That’s 41,000 cubic feet each second pumping along 2,500 miles of shoreline.
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Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame
  • Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame
  • It’s a good thing that the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame (SFMHF), located in a building listed by Forbes Magazine as one of the ten ugliest structures in the world, has more than its looks to fall back on.
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Seattle Microbreweries
  • Seattle Microbreweries
  • Set foot inside any self-respecting watering hole in Seattle and take a look behind the bar. A row of beer taps is set amidst backlit bottles of liquor and stacks of sparkling glasses.
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Seattle's Coffee Culture
  • Seattle's Coffee Culture
  • Coffee in Seattle is sacred. Roast of beans, choice of beverage, favorite café – the combo of these is a Seattleite’s personal deity, and there are few locals who do not worship at the altar of the double tall.
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The Waterfront
  • The Waterfront
  • A green and white ferry boat floats across glittering Elliot Bay, its horn sounding as it pulls away from the dock. Seagulls glide and dip, looking for fried handouts from tourists at the fish-and-chip bar.
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