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Destination Guide Seattle - Your Destination Guide to Seattle, WA

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The essence of a place, like the smell of the sea or the tang of a lemon, is the "why" behind all travel. To leave our homes and to discover new textures, tastes, and the lilt of a different dialect or language brings us the sense of both our universality as human beings, and the marvelous ways in which we differ.

In this section, we offer a little bit of that essence for each DGuide city. Read the Overview for flavor, and the History for context. If you're considering a move, get local detail from Relocation, and see Related Links for even more background.

Seattle Information

  • History
  • Though the Duwamish people who have inhabited the Puget Sound region for 10,000 years bestowed their own tribal names upon lakes and rivers, it’s probably a good thing that Seattle (named for Duwamish Chief Sealth) no longer bears the aurally unfortunate title of Duwamps.
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  • Overview
  • Sure, Seattle may be a bit…soggy. The locals may wear polar fleece ten months of the year and carry extra rain jackets in their eco-friendly tote bags made from recycled plastic soda bottles. Memorizing the weatherman’s “cloudy with a chance of showers” may practically be a rite of passage.
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  • Relocation
  • This section provides a list of relevant agencies and organizations that can help you in your move, including some useful tools such as cost of living calculators. Relocation Links 1.
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Site Map
  • Site Map
  • Use this page to navigate our site. A primary goal of DGuides is to provide useful and descriptive information quickly, so if you have suggestions for how we can improve the organization of our site,...
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