Your Destination Guide to Washington DC

Destination Guide DC - Your Destination Guide to Washington, DC

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DC is a great city, with great city sights and activities. Its ever-growing rails to trails program continues to add mileage to the city's biking and hiking trails, while its parks, gardens, and other public spaces are continually expanding or getting renovated to meet the growing demands of the 21st Century. Before delving too deeply into any one activity, we recommend taking a city tour to get a glimpse of the overall picture. After all, no matter how long your stay is, you won't be able to see everything, so do some research, get a plan, and go for it.

Washington DC Activities

Family Activities
  • Recreation
  • Okay, wow. And you thought DC was mainly a Mecca for history and political buffs. Look again, and look around, because DC is surrounded by so much natural beauty and so many resources that we can't even list them all. Yes, there are 300 parks and 75 playgrounds.
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  • Sightseeing
  • Because of its position as a capital city, many of DC's most interesting places are prefaced with the word "national" -- the National Mall, the National Archives, the National Zoological Park...but there are many, many other impressive and meaningful places to visit as well.
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  • Tours
  • Ran through your personal itinerary sooner than you expected? There are a number of pre planned tours and activities in DC for just about everything, including day trips and excursions, biking,...
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