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Monuments and Memorials

Monuments and Memorials
Monuments and Memorials

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As the home of democracy, America has much to commemorate in its short history. Signing the famous Declaration of Independence and writing the historic Constitution, yes. But also honoring great presidents and their times and remembering citizens who gave their lives in service. The capital has several beautiful memorials, many of which are poignant and historic symbols of past achievements that can instruct the country's future.

Washington DC | Monuments and Memorials

African American Civil War Memorial
  • African American Civil War Memorial
  • A unique museum and monument, the African American Civil War Memorial and Museum opened in 1999 to commemorate the little known contribution to the Civil War made by African Americans. There are...
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Airforce Memorial
  • Airforce Memorial
  • One of the most symbolic and evocative memorials in the country, the United States Air Force Memorial visibly takes off, its three spires painting an arc in the sky. The memorial, completed in 2006, honors those who have served in the United States Air Force, 54,000 of which have died in combat.
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Albert Einstein Memorial
  • Albert Einstein Memorial
  • Albert Einstein's contribution to science is well-known by all humankind, but the Albert Einstein Memorial at the southwest corner of the Academy of Sciences does not draw like-size crowds. It should.
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Arlington National Cemetery
  • Arlington National Cemetery
  • Arlington National Cemetery is a moving history of many of the country's accomplishments, a tribute and resting place for many who not only gave their lives in defense of the country, but who...
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Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial
  • Few presidents have exemplified strong leadership through periods of national despair and dignity to the extent that Franklin Delano Roosevelt did during the Great Depression and the Second World War.
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George Mason Memorial
  • George Mason Memorial
  • The George Mason Memorial, dedicated on April 9, 2002, honors the little known but widely felt contributions of an important founding father, George Mason. Born in 1725, George Mason wrote the Virginia Declaration of Rights and later attended the Constitutional Convention in 1787.
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Iwo Jima Memorial
  • Iwo Jima Memorial
  • Commemorating one of the most historic battles of World War II, the United States Marine Corps War Memorial, better known as the Iwo Jima Memorial, stands as a testament to all marines who have died...
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Korean War Veterans Memorial
  • Korean War Veterans Memorial
  • The Korean War Veterans Memorial opened in 1995 to commemorate the 54,246 Americans who died in the Korean War. The memorial includes 19 statues that depict fighting men on patrol who represent the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force.
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Lincoln Memorial
  • Lincoln Memorial
  • In 1922, a racially segregated audience watched President Warren G. Harding preside over the dedication of the Lincoln Memorial, a structure that celebrates President Abraham Lincoln's dexterous preservation of the Union and principled commitment to abolishing slavery.
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National World War 2 Memorial
Thomas Jefferson Memorial
  • Thomas Jefferson Memorial
  • This memorial to Thomas Jefferson, the nation's third president and author of the Declaration of Independence, was built during the second term of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a great admirer of the statesman.
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Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
  • Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
  • Also referred to as the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers (although that is not its official name), the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington Cemetery holds the remains of unidentified soldiers from World...
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Vietnam Veterans Memorial
  • Vietnam Veterans Memorial
  • Sometimes, understatement is the most eloquent expression. Amid the dramatically beautiful memorials that ornament the west end of the National Mall, the sunken black granite of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is poignantly subdued.
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Washington Monument
  • Washington Monument
  • The Washington Monument is a 555-ft. marble obelisk that stands as a sentinel and memorial to the nation's first president. It is the most prominent landmark in Washington DC, and anchors the National Mall.
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Women in Military Service Memorial
  • Women in Military Service Memorial
  • The Women in Military Service for America Memorial is a unique, living memorial honoring all military women-- more than two million-- who have served in the armed forces from the American Revolution to the present. Dedicated in 1997, about 200,000 people visit the Memorial each year.
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