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Three Houses of Government

Three Houses of Government
Three Houses of Government

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Centrally located around the National Mal are the three federal branches of government: the Capitol Building, the Supreme Court, and the White House. Awesome in design as well as significance, the buildings not only play host to the daily government affairs of the world's greatest democracy, they also welcome visitors and citizens who wish to observe the country's elected and appointed officials in action.

Washington DC | Three Houses of Government

Capitol Building
  • Capitol Building
  • The majestic dome and Rotunda marking the heart of the U.S. Capitol Building not only symbolize the power of the legislative branch of the greatest democracy in the world, but also determine the...
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Supreme Court
  • Supreme Court
  • Arising out of the despair of the Great Depression in 1935, the gleaming white Supreme Court building was heralded by many as a beacon of hope for a floundering nation.
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White House
  • White House
  • The White House, while planned by President George Washington and city architect Pierre l'Enfant, was never lived in by Washington, but has housed every single U.S. president since his successor John Adams moved in 1801.
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