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Washington DC Features
Washington DC Features

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This section highlights various seasonal activities, fun things to do, and what we think of as extra-special stuff. Check back again soon, as this page is regularly updated to list anything cool and new that comes across our desk, or that we discover in our explorations. Also, this is the place to read about any special events that might not be listed in the Events section.

Washington DC -

Top 10 Incredible Edibles
  • Top 10 Incredible Edibles
  • What's a day in the city without a stop for a snack? It doesn't matter if you're taking in the sights with your kids or if you're just looking for a "third place" to do a little work; DC offers a variety of locations and neighborhoods.Try a place like Mr.
Top 10 Restaurants
  • Top 10 Restaurants
  • One of the great things about such a diverse city as DC is the availability of a wide variety of food. Asian, Indian, Latin, American, and the ever-popular pizza all find a place in a city with such a wide range of cultures and backgrounds.
Top 12 Hidden Treasures
  • Top 12 Hidden Treasures
  • Every city boasts interesting little eccentricities known and loved by locals. While both residents and visitors flock to the National Mall for the Independence Day fireworks, few have spent the holiday watching takeoffs and landings at National Airport.
Top Ten Sites for the Political Junkie
  • Top Ten Sites for the Political Junkie
  • In Washington, DC, Constitution and Independence are not only avenues that span the length of the city but also standards that frame the debates unfolding within it, from the venerable halls of Congress to the teeming Metro cars below.

Washington DC - Categories

Best of Washington DC
  • Best of Washington DC
  • Any "best in" section is by nature incomplete. How could we include all that is "best" about DC when there is so very much? So here's a round-up of the current greatest, but beware that our list of...
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Free in Washington DC
  • Free in Washington DC
  • DC features world-class museums, monuments, parks, and public spaces. And many, many of them are free – absolutely free! -- ranging from all the museums of the Smithsonian Institution to the C&O Canal.
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